One particular of the straightforward sew projects that by no means produced it into the Lookbook from the spring material assortment was this effortless flanged pillow sham project, so I’m sharing it today. The flanged edge is a term employed to describe the flap of fabric that borders a pillow sham. I enjoy cotton flanged pillows shams after they come out of the wash and when they are offered a quick press with a scorching iron, they add a wonderful detail to a bed whether or not they’re made of plain material or in a entertaining pattern like this.

simple sew flanged pillow shams

I like to make beds with the plain pillow circumstances hidden behind cotton pillow shams. Flanged shams like these hide the pillowcases you rest on at night but are relaxed enough to prop your self up towards by day. Sewing your very own is easy, all it requires is prewashed cotton fabric, matching thread, a measuring tape, some pins, and the capacity to sew a straight line.

flanged pillow shams on bed

I use the very same method as I did for these envelope pillows, but permitted for extra fabric all around the edges to create the flanged border. Here’s the basic stage by phase for a standard pillow sham with flanged edge:&#160

1st, cut three pieces of fabric to the dimensions noticed in the diagram under (each pillow sham needs 56” inches from a bolt of 44” wide cotton material.)

pillow sham pieces


Roll the raw side of a single 28” edge of fabric on piece B and C, sew it to type the back of every envelope edge.

sew edges


Align piece B and C with pattern face up so that the 28” length of their stitched edges overlap by 4 inches. Layer piece A on best with the pattern side dealing with down. If you have a stripe or geometric or floral repeat, you can align them so that they match or so that the pattern meets up to your satisfaction. In the picture below piece B overlaps piece C to type the envelope on the back, and piece A (the front) is layered on top and folded down.


Pin the three pieces collectively and sew edges on all sides with as seam ½” from the edge of the fabric while it is within out. After you’ve sewn with each other your pieces A, B, and C, trim the excess fabric all around the seam edges within the sham and in the corners to ensure a crisp clean edges that will not have bulky extra material when turned correct side out.&#160

trim corner and excess

Flip the sham correct side out to reveal the pattern and the massive envelope cover which must measure 33” x 27”. Examine your standard pillow’s shape to guarantee your measurements are right and there remains a three ½” border on all sides. If the pillow from is 26” x 20” then the pillow sham at this point must be 33” x 27”.


If your pillow type is a somewhat diverse dimension, modify the measurements to let for the 3 ½” border on all sides. Just before you sew the flange, 1st press all the edges with a hot iron so that the fabric lays flat and won’t have any pouf in between the flange seam and the edge seam.

press edges


Employing a measuring tape, mark the three ½” stage about the edge of the normal pillow form and mark the border with pins.&#160

pin location of pillow


Sew the flange with the pattern facing out and along the three ½” border marked by the pins.

sew flange


Flip your sham inside out, press with an iron once much more if there are wrinkles, and show on your bed.

diy flanged pillow shams

Straightforward to make with any material you fancy! The yellow proven is the Brushed Fret material from my store and the sweet floral pillow is from HomeGoods. Let me know if you sew any for yourself, I’d enjoy to see how they turn out!

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