DIY Valentine's day mantel with love art

Thank you so much for your generous comments on my last post.   As promised, the PB Inspired LOVE Wall Plaque is now adorning my fireplace.  

Love art to decorate the mantel or walls

With the plaque up there, it was time to spruce up the mantel.  Something good about Valentine decorating is that you can re-purpose many of your Christmas decorations.  The pom pom garlands were an after season find at Michael’s, I only found three, there are only white pom poms on them, the biggest ones.  The little banners were made with the left over parchment paper that was used to wrap little presents during the Holidays.

White and red pom pom garland to decorate mantel

Some extra pom poms were also attached.

A packgage of 50 red and white pom poms

A message in a bottle was written for the three people I love the most 😉

Clear glass bottles with paper messages for Valentines

Plain white paper was given a nicer shape and three acrostic poems were written.

Paper message in a bottle with acrostic for Valentine's day

Branches and pine cones bring the outdoors in.

red Love potion No.9 bottles on white and red mantel

Instead of just one,

red bottles of love potion number 9 to decorate during Valentines

I got two Love Potions No. 9. Let’s see if I start kissing everything 🙂

red and white valentine mantel with love potion #9 and message in a bottle

Well, the true story behind those bottles is that they were closing up a Crate and Barrel store, everything was on sale, stands, props, merchandise, everything. They had a huge assortment of bottles, empty bottles that they used as props, I bought 3 of the red ones, some whites and some greens (they were only 25 cents a piece).  I really love the red ones, they are so vibrant!  So, for my love potions I simply use acrylic paint to write the letters on the side.

Valentine mantel with branches, love art and pom pom garland

The winter white wreath I used during my Blue Christmas is now adorned with some red accents.

White winter wreath inside basket

And a quick and easy pillow in the same polka-red fabric of the letter O, brings color to that chair.

polka dot fabric heart to decorate for Valentines

remodelando la casa red and white mantel for valentines

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Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!