A hoodie or hoody is a sweatshirt with a hood on it to cover your head. They often contain a muff on the bottom front, and sometimes a vertical zipper in the mid-front. Hoodies have been a part of men’s and women’s clothing for centuries. The garments style is probably derived from the hooded robes worn by the European monks in the Middle Ages. I’m sure you must have seen the Little Red Riding Hood wearing a much similar hooded cape.

Now centuries later, hoodies has become an integral part of our casual dressing. Though it can be worn all year round, a hoodie can act as staple everyday garment that is ideal to be worn in winters. With winters being just round the corner, I hope you guys have got your hoodies out by now. If you still don’t have a hoodie, its time you get one!

For men, choosing a Hoodies online in Pakistan is not that difficult. You have a lot of options to choose from. The things you need to consider while picking the right hoodie include the hoodies style, size, and material.

  • Styles: Men’s hoodies in Pakistan are available in variant styles. For example, the classic Zip-up hoodies, pullovers and short sleeve hoodies.
  • Size: They come mainly in 3 to 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. They are made to be worn as loose attire and should be bought by judging the shirt and sleeve length.
  • Material: Though light cotton hoodies are also available in the market, the ones you’re looking for should be made of fleece, wool, nylon or polyester. These materials act as good insulators and keep you toasty during the chill winter season.

Women’s hoodies in Pakistan don’t offer much to choose from as nearly all hoodies are long sleeved and somewhat similar in design. Although hoodies don’t look as classy as a pashmina or leather jacket do, but it looks very casual and chic when paired with your jeans or patterned pants. These hoodies are available in simple compact colours, embroidered, beaded or screened. Women can mainly choose from two types of hoodies: pullovers or zip-ups.

  • Zip-ups: Most zip-ups have zips that run up to the top of the hood while others end at the collar. They are easy to take off and come in a number of sizes that’s why they are more in demand.
  • Pullovers: Since it has no zip, it tends to destroy the hair and make-up quite easily. So it’s not a very popular choice among women.

Hoodies cost way less than your ultra-modern leather jackets so even if you end up buying the wrong size, do not panic. Hoodies are quite forgiving when it comes to sizes and you can even pull off ‘the look’ wearing a hoodie that is a size too big for you. As long as they serve for their true purpose i.e. protection from damp cold weather, you shouldn’t care less.

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