This modern day, practical and trendy apartment is situated in Kiev, Ukraine and is made by local architectural studio  Lugerin Architects. The design and style drowned our attention with its mild, soft shapes, wealthy textures and welcoming, cozy emanation. The combination of stylish layout aspects, open sunny premises and clever architectural remedies turns this area into modern interior design and style instance of performance and type. The architectural layout of the apartment concedes the possibility of open inner connected residing premise where the connection in between the kitchen, dining and sitting zone is effortless going and all-natural.



The architects chose to minimalistic adorn the premise with the utilization of the principal cladding resources alternating wood and blue-gray functional surfaces (in this count the heating wall radiators) – the colour composition of the living space is decided. The duality of the primary color selections is framed by black and white ornaments (like the lighting options sustained in the 60ts aesthetes hanging over the dining table) and is spiced up by the presence of comfy –looking red chairs developed in distinct shapes and spread during the apartment. The modified sofa makes the uncommon connection among the dining table, (where the construct is facing with its bench addition) and the soft sitting region.  Another clever architectural solution is the vast mirror that serves bout as a space defined and as a visual extension of the premise.




An intriguing answer is utilized in the bathroom – a glass partition separates the bath and the shower from the rest of the granite monochromatic area. The simplicity of the colour scheme (that types in its dominating colors among the privet and public spaces – light compositions in the initial and far more gray based in the latter) the softness and modern functionality of shapes, textures and design and style aspects and of program the great high quality of the materials, turns this apartment into extremely welcoming and pleasant spot to inhabit.








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