Urban Chic Vilnius Apartment by Softdecor


Our favorite pure-style elegance of urban European chic by the Lithuanian designer Laura Giržadė and her design studio Softdecor. Using her signature design approach that combines trendy furniture pieces, rich textures and modern materials with a characteristic play of laconic shapes and lines, chic velvet accents, and clear geometry the designer successfully composed welcoming and stylish apartment in the Old Town of Vilnius.

The beautiful herringbone parquet that goes throughout the premises smoothly interconnects the different spaces creating a warm and smooth base for the classic and luxurious decor composition. The main living area connects in open floor plan the clear lines of the modern kitchen with its freestanding granite kitchen island that has triple bar-like stools (with modern and trendy lines) and the rest of the social spaces – dining zone and living room.

Monochrome color palette offering subtle variations of gray, white and blueish hints varies throughout the decor arrangement – from light gray and white at the modern furniture assembly of the dining table to darker gray and blue shades in the living room arrangement. The soft sitting area has beautiful deep blue, gray velvet textures and inviting classic inspired sofa and armchair. This smooth transition of colors creates a juxtaposition of shades and defines the different functional areas without actual separation of the home flow.

The decor arrangement of the apartment is simple, elegant and with stylish entwinement of modern and classic hints, spiced up by art details and trendy pieces of furniture, lamps and decorations creating in this way a perfect comfort and easy flow for a dynamic modern lifestyle.  Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas