Small apartment could be a constraining living environment when not performed correcly. Nevertheless for those willing to go the extra mile and innovate, even tiniest apartment can feel spacious, cheerful and efficient. Creating this kind of efficient environment is all about smart blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. Having already shared with our readers some of the best small apartment family area and bedroom ideas, today we turn our attention towards shelving, storage and space-conscious units that have the prospect to completely help your home.

Metallic space-savvy shelving for the ultra-small apartment in white

Again, we steer clear of kitchen shelving and cabinets today as we previously given you a glimpse into the world of tiny apartment kitchens. From lounge entertainment units that multitask to bedrooms shelves and living area credenzas this can be phone smartest ideas all corners in the globe. Beyond just conjecture, they are storage and shelving ideas which have been actually found in contemporary living environments. Even when have a spacious home using a large living room, these ideas will come in over handy. Delver in and discover the top!

For the Small Living room

Small family room needs a careful balance between self storage and shelves as well as an open, charming ambiance that offers you a feeling of spaciousness. It’s smart to begin through the entertainment unit in the living room that will help tuck away all of the accessories, cables and everything else you may have in lying around. Inside the tiny living area with small space, a minimal-slung entertainment center along with the accent wall can be the point of interest in the room effortlessly.

Living room entertainment unit also contains space for tufted seatsLower level wooden cabinets combined with open wooden shelves for smart living room storage and displayMake sure that the smart bookshelf fits into the overall style of the small living roomRefurbished living space of Barcelona apartment with a smart, low-slung bookshelfTiny living room of the small Russian apartmentUnique wooden shelves connect the living area with the kitchen visually

Beyond the entertainment center, there are the bookshelves and open display units that can also be used to shape the functional accent wall in the living room. It is best to choose the wall closest to the corner and that is ‘out of the way’ in a sense to give the room a more spacious visual appeal.

White decor blends in with the backdrop creating a sense of spaciousnessWooden media unit stands out when placed before the whitewashed brick wallCorners turned into cabinets can save plenty of space in the small apartment

Think Smart and Go Vertical!

We are big fans of homes where shelving maximizes the vertical room on offer. This is a great way to take the pressure off the floor area in your already small apartment and this strategy works equally well in the bedroom, living room and dining area. A wall of open shelves filled with books, vases and accessories can also anchor the neutral clad room visually and you can ring in a host of colors without altering the style or theme of the space.

Go vertical when you want to save space in the small apartment!Slim and stylish bookshelf in white for he contemporary apartmentSlim wooden shelf next to the glass panels becomes a lovely display areaSmart space-saving solutions for the tiny apartmentWall of open shelves can hold pretty much anything you wish to showcaseWall of wooden shelves for the revamped Barcelona homeYellow and black floating shelves act as plant holders inside this budget friendly apartmentBlue cabinets mounted on the wall save square footage inside the small apartmentDelightful use of vertical space inside the small, urban apartmentFloating shelves coupled with a smart entertainment unit for the tiny living room

Space-Savvy Bedroom Shelving

Floating modular units are currently a favorite among homeowners as they help you in creating additional storage space whenever needed. If you fall on the messy side of the spectrum, then you can opt for closed floating cabinets in the bedroom to give it a more organized appeal. Those wanting to fashion a lovely display inevitably would pick the floating modular shelves that are shaped like a box or ones that are much simpler and sleek.

Bedroom corner turned into a tidy workstation using slim floating shelvesCreating space for the extensive shelf in the kids’ roomCustom cabinets in white for the bedroom blend in with the backdropMirrored wardrobes with space-savvy features bring cheerfulness to the small bedroom

In the small modern bedroom, cabinets and wardrobes that blend in with the walls and more or less disappear into the backdrop are almost a must. White and lighter shades of gray come in handy here along with custom cabinets that have a handle-less design. Wardrobes with mirrored doors also are a great way to brighten the tiny bedroom even while giving you a smart mirror in the corner!

Scandinavian style bedroom with a room divider that doubles as a cool displaySliding mirror conceals a large bookshelf behind itSmall bedroom of the apartment with shelving above the bedTiny bedside workstation with simple floating shelves above itWhite built-in cabinets for the tiny bedroom make a big differenceBed with storage space underneath comes in pretty handy!

Corners, Niches and Room Dividers

Yes, adding space-savvy shelving and cabinets in the tiny apartment is great. But what if you could double this advantage by maximizing the corner that is otherwise forgotten! Corner shelving and storage units come in a wide range of designs and you can choose from a host of diverse options – the slim, curvy floating shelves, the closed cabinet in the corner or the tall, lean shelf fitted with strip LED lighting; take your pick and notice the transformation.

Custom wooden shelf for the small urban apartment is a great space-saverEven a tiny nook can be turned into storage space inside the small apartmentMinimal and smart floating wooden shelves for the small dining areaSlim black bookshelf in the corner is a smart space-saverSmall fold-out work desk and dining space inside the small apartmentSpace above the kitchen area has been used to the hilt in this cat-friendly apartmentSteps to the loft turned into storage units inside the tiny apartmentTiny storage space underneath the bench inside the small apartmentUnassuming and minimal stand for both plants and booksBedroom corner is used to provide additional display and shelving options

Discover What Works for You

Finding the right smart shelving idea or storage unit for your modest apartment depends largely on both your chosen style and specific needs. In an open plan living area where you want to delineate space without hindering the flow of light, a glass partition with built-in book rack is a smart option. On other occasions a small stand that holds a plant and some books might be all you need. Vintage suitcases that are repainted and act as the coffee table, smart fold-out tables with niches that can hold stuff and benches with built-in storage – for the creative, the options are endless!

Multifunctional room divider works in more ways than oneRoom divider also acts as a book stand inside this tiny apartmentShelving inside vintage tiny industrial loftTurn the wooden partitions in shelves for multi-tasking easeVintage suitcases used both as storage space and a stand inside this tiny industrial style apartmentWood and metal corner shelving for the small living roomWooden cabinets and wardrobes for the small, space-conscious apartmentEven the kitchen island can be turned into a display in the small apartmentInnovative apartment turns even doors into shelving space!Moving wall with shelves inside the ultra-tiny apartment

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