I know to a lot of people it will seem pretty crazy and pointless so I won’t bore you with all my reasons for painting this room again. Ha! As I mentioned earlier this week. I rather spontaneously decided to repaint all of the trim, doors, windows in our kitchen/family room and back hallway and then also painted the walls. I had been thinking about doing it for a while but figured I would wait until after Christmas but then before I knew it I had started and then I couldn’t stop. I still need to do the cabinets in the kitchen but I can’t decide whether or not to go with white or a gray similar to the fireplace. And I can’t decided if I want to keep the fireplace this color or not either. I painted it Winter’s Gate (I think that’s what it was called) by Benjamin Moore. And for trim and doors I did the same as I did in the rest of the house, Simply White and Mopboard Black both in semi-gloss. And then I used Horizon for the walls. Although I am not sure yet about what I am going to use on the cabinets and am not sure about the fireplace (I am pondering keeping it but also pondering painting it black, or painting it white and the bricks a charcoal color…decisions, decisions) I have to say I am so incredibly happy about the trim and the doors. I have absolutely loved having the black doors in the rest of our house and at Jason’s and it feels nice to have everything all cohesive. And I know it’s hard to tell in pictures but in real life the white trim helps the ceilings not feel quite as low and the room feel a bit more spacious and light.

and yes, I’ve been playing around with the chairs… And I know there’s a million pictures of what it looked like with my first round of paint (which I did like! I just didn’t quite feel like me if that makes sense). But here’s a little reminder of what it looked like on move in day:

I’ve also been playing around with pillows which is why there are different ones in some of the pictures.

I’ve also got a plan for one of our new signs to go on that bare wall above the couch.
You can find the paint color info in the top of this post and a full source list for this room here.

I’ll show you more pictures of the wall with the chalkboard and sideboard and the pantry that is finally all neat and organized once the sun comes out again and I can take pictures in here. This room doesn’t get much natural light so it has to be a really sunny day to get any decent photos and it’s been raining and overcast here the last several days. And then of course once I finally decide on a cabinet color I share photos of that.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Dear Lillie


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