The showers that have black frames have a very distinctive look. They are defined by clean lines and a certain level of industrial beauty combined with modern simplicity. Black frame showers are pretty unique in this sense. They can be integrated in a variety of different types of decors.

Shower With Black Frame
Contemporary bathroom with a black frame for shower

A black frame shower can be a main feature in a guest bathroom. In this particular example, the shower’s frame matches the frame of the wall mirror and that of the painting displayed on the wall. This way the décor becomes cohesive. What’s lovely here is the fact that the black elements are complemented by a white backdrop.{found on Maxwell and company}.

Walk in shower with black frame windows door

A similar type of cohesion is featured here where the shower enclosure is closed off with a glass and metal wall and a door that perfectly completes the grid. The sink vanity has the same type of graphical design, featuring a thin black supporting frame.{found on diespeker}.

In a lot of ways, the walls and door of this bathroom look a lot like Japanese shoji screens. The emphasis is on the grid pattern and the contrast between the black frame and the glass panels, as well as the white tiles and furniture.

Contrast between black and white for bathroom

Although the contrast between black and white or between a black frame and the glass panels that complete its design is often very elegant, crisp and modern, other design ideas can be just as satisfying. For example, it would be nice to add a little bit of warmth to the space and wooden floors are just what we have in mind.

Subway tiles and black frame for window

It is, of course, more practical to have tiles on the bathroom floor and the wood accents can come in the form of a wooden vanity, a shelf or even a ceiling.

Small walk in shower for a master bathroom

The black frame shower stands out from the rest of this bathroom’s décor by bringing in a very clean and graphical form while everything else is more focused on warm tones and materials such as brown tones and wooden features.

Black frame for shower - yellow cabinet

This bathroom is really well organized, featuring a large shower enclosure with a black frame and tempered glass panels and a tiled floor while the rest of the space has wood on the floor and brightly-colored furniture and accessories.{found on rnarchitect}.

Contemporary small bathroom with black window frame

The beauty of this small bathroom stands in its simplicity. The black frame of the walk in shower matches the frame around the large wall mirror as well as the hardware and fixtures that complete the décor.

Black frames surround the glass panels

Once again, the black frames that complement the glass shower panels match the hardware and fixtures and the result is a clean and elegant contrast and an interesting play of dark and light tones.

Black frame around the glass panel

Sometimes even when the contrasts of colors are strong, they become less striking when the colors and materials are more diverse. This spacious bathroom is a wonderful example. It features a green living wall and a wooden floor.

Black elements in this room with subway tiles

Cohesiveness is important, especially when you want the ambiance in a space to be comfortable and inviting. The cohesiveness here is given by the coordinating elements such as the shower frame, the cabinet hardware, light fixture, faucet and others.

Modern small bathroom with walk in shower and glass panel

This shower only has a partial frame which wraps around two sides of the glass panel, those that are adjacent to the wall and to the floor. They match the frame around the mirror and they serve as accent details for the bathroom’s décor.

Stained glass for shower

This black-framed shower enclosure is special compared to everything described so far. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that the panel is frosted glass and offers a certain level of privacy in addition to having a more bohemian look.

Framed shower windows

Window-like shower frames such as this one are appreciated for their industrial and rustic charm. They have a very specific look which can be combined with a variety of different styles, color palettes and influences.

Elegant shower design with black window frame

The black frame, in this case, helps define the shower area. It coordinates well with the wall mirror and it adds a touch of elegant simplicity and and sophistication to the décor.


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