One can live in a different way namely in a garage. Garages are usually restrained between terraces and houses, therefore, are dark and look depressing. Before the reconstruction, this differed in Australia herself not, really, of it. However, it was transformed by Sam Crawford Architects in a pleasant, modern living-room skillfully. Altered and modernised the space with a lot of light and in modern Industrial convinces Chicly. it is long and is cut relatively narrowly. The available floor space is optimised and one can live from eating area and kitchen area distinguish. However, they run very gently into each other on account of the material choice.
otherwise-live-garage-conversion-dining table-chairs-clinker
Because where there was of early garage doors, today space-high terrace doors are led. These exist up to 98% of glass and open the space outwardly. It forms a kind of terrace or patio area. A tree cares for the fresh atmosphere in the middle plant, as well as other plants on a side. So one can be also glad about an inside garden. Pulling of plants will be possible for it namely because space is thought over between the garage and the enclosed house with glass. Therefore the plants, but also the garage receive enough daylight.
otherwise-live-garage-conversion-fitted kitchen-wood-concrete-clinkerotherwise-live-garage-conversion-glazing-terrace doorsotherwise-live-garage-conversion-kitchen-concrete-woodotherwise-live-garage-conversion-kitchen-modern clinkerotherwise-live-garage-conversion-loft-character-clinkerotherwise-live-garage-conversion-loft-living room-couch-grayotherwise-live-Garage-modern-room-terrace doors
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