Planning  a wedding is amazing, but when you begin your registry, you start planning your life together, long after the wedding. It’s the dishes you’ll serve your first Christmas meal on, the KitchenAid  you’ll use to teach your daughter to make cookies, the cup of coffee you’ll brew in the morning, in less than a minute thanks to Keurig. We think this process is a seriously important part in preparing to say “I do.”


Kohl’s has all of the staple items you need, at prices you’ll be thrilled about. They carry the brands you trust like KitchenAid, Keurig, Corningware, Pyrex, Cuisinart, OXO, and Food Network.


The even more amazing thing is that they give YOU 10% back on gifts purchased from your Kohl’s Wedding Registry. Which means every time you’re showered with gifts, you get 10% back to grab the things you didn’t get! They also give your guests an extra 20% off in store purchase of $ 100 or more from your wedding registry, leaving them with even more room in the budget to throw in a few extras for you! **In order for guests to save the 20% on a $ 100 or more purchase, all they need is an announcement card – which can be printed off the registry page on


We recommend that you take your registry seriously and start adding these top kitchen products to your Kohl’s Registry today!


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