These magnetic wooden blocks are enjoyable for any age!  The wood is sustainable harvested and for every one particular tree they harvest, they plant 983 far more!  That’s ample trees to fill an complete football field! Tegu is bringing world-class employment specifications to Central America by offering a living wage and lengthy term career growth and advancement. Tegu also partners with a school to offer kids whose families function at the Tegucigalpa city trash dump an education.

As a kid, this was never a question we had to request. Play was as natural as breathing. Sofa cushions grew to become forts. Cardboard boxes assisted us rocket to the moon. Splashing in puddles was totally hilarious. Don’t forget that? Play was our very first taste of freedom. And in that freedom we identified who we had been, and what we could be.

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“Click-Clack”. It is the iconic sound of two Tegu Blocks coming with each other. Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new lifestyle to a favored classic. By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks grow to be curiously eye-catching for each children and youngsters at heart. This Authentic Set involves 52 blocks and provides perform for hrs.

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Defy gravity and push your imagination in methods never before attainable. No instruction manuals or electronics, just toys that demand imagination and inspire limitless creativity across all ages. Open-ended perform is endangered, but we’re bringing it back. There is some thing magical about viewing a child’s imagination unfold. The curiosity. The ingenuity. The creativity. Even far more exciting is creating a product that unlocks a child’s thoughts. They exist to create experiences that captivate kids in secure, all-natural and progressive approaches.

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Tegu Blocks – Naturally protected: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-primarily based lacquer finish, no little elements. Purchase them from Amazon!

Tegu Blocks are created to foster curiosity. The mystery of magnets gives an experience that commences with marvel and joy. The really initial “click-clack” of two blocks coming together sparks an instantaneous magical discovery. Simple magnets and blocks turn into so a lot far more, and Boundless Play is off and working.

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