14 chic diy stencil wall decor projects cover

There are several tips to decorate a plain wall: decide on uncommon wallpapers, paint it with some bold color, use an oversized wall art, generate a gallery wall or something else. Nowadays I’d like to share yet another way to decorate your straightforward walls in a awesome way and spruce them a small bit – stencil them!

Stenciling is a very budget-friendly notion to decorate any wall – in a bathroom, bedroom, residing area or kitchen, all you need to have is just a plain wall, a stencil of your selection and some paint. There are so numerous stencils and patterns you may use: Morocco-inspired, polka dots, chevron, geometric patterns, stripes and a lot of other, discover a proper pattern for your space and shade. You can purchase or make a stencil oneself if there isn’t a suitable 1 that you like.

Very first of all, paint the wall the color you like, it’ll be your background. Allow it dry for some time. Trace an image onto stencil paper. You can use a favored photograph or mimic a pattern from a style piece. Use an X-Acto knife to minimize the picture from your stencil paper. Employing stencil tape (or masking tape) adhere your stencil to the wall. Start off tracing with a white paint pen. Continue tracing, spacing evenly among each and every stencil. When you get to the edges you may possibly need to have to fold your stencil to continue into a corner. Let it dry and take pleasure in your statement stencil wall. Read the tutorials under and out far more information about stenciling walls.

DIY stenciling a focal wall

DIY stenciling a focal wall (through hgtv)

DIY black and white stripe stencil wall

DIY black and white stripe stencil wall (by way of https:)

DIY stenciled accent wal

DIY stenciled accent wal (through website)

DIY chevron stenciled wall

DIY chevron stenciled wall (by means of hometalk)


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