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If you want to give your room a amazing shabby chic touch, or just want something light and airy for décor, whitewashing is appropriate what you need. We’ve already shared some ideas to whitewash planters and pots and brick walls and fireplaces and right now we’ll have a seem how to give your wooden surfaces that chic worn seem.

Remove furnishings from the region so that you have ample room to work. Lay drop cloths or plastic sheets on the floor to defend it. Making use of painter’s tape, tape off trim, ceiling edges, molding and any other surface that is adjacent to the place you are whitewashing. Whether these are floors, walls, ceilings or just a door, the technique is fundamentally the identical. 1st of all, mix the paint. How several parts of water and white latex paint you get depends on the how whitewashed you want to see your wood. Sand your wooden surfaces properly and start painting them. Prior to you start to paint the total wall, it aids to check a modest area. Play close to with brush pressure and wiping strategy till you get the look you want. Apply as many layers as you want if a single isn’t ample. Take away the extreme paint with a rag/ previous tea-towel, rubbing the white stain into the grain of the wood, until finally you get an even finish. Allow it dry and voila, you have whitewashed wood!

Go through the tutorials below to discover out much more specifics, suggestions and tricks to whitewash the wood in the very best way.

How to whitewash wooden walls

How to whitewash wooden walls (via weblog)

DIY wood whitewashing

DIY wood whitewashing (by means of bobvila)


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