British designer Tom Dixon has launched a set of copper-covered things for brewing and serving coffee.


The Brew coffee set is created to include all the equipment needed for creating the caffeinated drink.


“The range consists of a piece to perfect every stage of the coffee ritual, from the push of the plunger to the dunk of the biscuit,” mentioned a statement from Dixon.

Brew Cafetiere Brew Cafetiere

The set includes a tin for storing coffee beans or grounds, a scoop, a cafetiere, a stovetop espresso maker, a milk pan, espresso cups, a biscuit tin and a serving tray.

Brew Biscuit Tin Brew Biscuit Tin

“Brew is a celebration of the coming together of heat, steam, water and coffee grounds – a tribute to the mysteries of the modern-day coffee ceremony,” stated Dixon, who has recently launched a set of lights and home equipment based mostly on mechanical cogs.

Brew Espresso Cups Brew Espresso Cups

To accomplish a different appear to his spun-brass tea set, the designer created the Brew range from stainless steel.

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The high-gloss finish of the merchandise is created by applying a thin copper film to the metal, producing an even reflective surface across the exterior of the merchandise.

Brew Milk Pan Brew Milk Pan

All the things fit neatly onto the circular tray, with espresso cups stacking on best of a single an additional to conserve space.

Brew Spoon Handle Brew Spoon Take care of

“Brew acknowledges coffee producing as a type of artwork and coffee drinking as an elevated event, a ceremonial overall performance that merits time and reverence,” Dixon stated.

Brew Stove Top Brew Stove Best

Dixon – a single of the UK’s very best-acknowledged designers – has utilized copper in tasks ranging from stationery to hotel lobby interiors.

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In Milan earlier this year, he debuted a range of furniture and lighting that was offered right from his exhibition at an abandoned theatre.

Brew Caddy Set Brew Caddy Set

“The resourceful layout entrepreneur in the present day age is now committed not just to the creation of an artefact, but also to the communication, contextualisation and commercialisation of their suggestions,” explained Dixon.



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