Maison&ampObjet 2015: Copenhagen studio GamFratesi has designed a collection of spun-brass trays with leather surfaces for Swedish metal organization Skultuna.

GamFratesi for Skultuna at Maison&ampObjet 2015

GamFratesi’s circular Karui trays come in three sizes, each and every featuring a small lip about the outdoors edge.

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The trays are formed by metal spinning – a production approach that 408-year-old firm Skultuna has been establishing since its early days as a brass foundry in the village it requires its name from.

GamFratesi for Skultuna at Maison&ampObjet 2015

Coloured disks of leather from neighbouring tannery Tärnsjö are employed to line the base of each and every tray, with white, blue and green amongst the accessible hues.

“The trays are known as Karui, which in Japanese implies soft, in relation to the leather element, but also light – the trays have a light aesthetic,” mentioned Stine Gam, who co-founded the studio with Enrico Fratesi.

GamFratesi for Skultuna at Maison&ampObjet 2015

Japanese provides other meanings as well, such as ‘easy’, ‘easily’ and ‘quick perhaps’, which is the informal feeling we want with the trays – putting our individual issues on the tray becoming a functional and private straightforward each day gesture,” she added.

The Karui trays are at the moment on show at the Maison&ampObjet trade fair outside Paris, which continues till 27 January. They will also be displayed at subsequent month’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

GamFratesi for Skultuna at Maison&ampObjet 2015

Other brass objects produced by Skultuna consist of vases by Paolo Dell’elce that are modelled on nonetheless-life paintings, as effectively as designs by Monica Förster and Claesson Koivisto Rune.



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