34 Colorful Bohemian Garden Designs to Embrace

Spring is here, greenery is just around the corner, after the first, extraordinarily blossom, today we ought start to envision our decorating plan, we ought to envision how we are going to enjoy spring and summer outdoors, in fresh air, relaxing, soothing our nerves, loosing ourselves in the lush, green garden.

To emphasize spring`s colors, to highlight the immense possibilities and opportunities brought forward by color, texture and patterns in the following article we showcase 34 colorful bohemian garden designs, bohemian ideas defined by sensible, spectacular patterns wearing great color, exuding immense joy; cast a glance in the search of incredible and feel free to share with us your garden spring decorating ideas.

One colorful flowered canopy surrounded by flowers and greenery might be the ultimate photo boot or the supreme corner for outdoor relaxation, choose the right pillows and enjoy quality time outdoors.

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Earth brings us closer to our roots, to enjoy its coolness and humidity in perfect harmony with the environment is something, an extraordinary experience. The right mattress, rugs, pillows and a good tea might be everything you need.

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Boost color and boost greenery to create a vivid contrast between Mother Earth`s naturalness and our vivid sense of joy, extraordinary experience of living surrounded by nature and loved ones.

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Find balance in a simple setting, a few pillows, a canopy peace of mind can define happiness.

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Build a wooden tee pee, this can be used as a meditation spot in your household or as the ultimate playground for your little ones. The green wall on the left, surrounding flowers and amazing sculpted wood mushroom stools greatly contribute to this setting too; little things add up to something extraordinary.

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Color boosted on a wooden deck tailored with wooden pallets creating a lively joyful atmosphere.

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Textile color can be easily replaced with colorful flowers supported by greenery, here an old shabby chic bench supports beauty in the form of candles and flowers, it brings a great balance in color and ambiance that can speak of the bohemian style.

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Succulents, colorful diy tin cans and the extraordinary in an old window now re-purposed, how do you see this particular scenery?

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The shade of an old tree can shape an unique space, here items with memory, items that speak of authenticity, experience and memories are animating a really graphic scenography.

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An ambiance can be emphasized with ease by a fire pit, here the presence of color and the green background are enlighten by fire, exposed concrete is the only cold element in the composition that disrupts, wood ought to be present too to shape an extraordinary cozy and warm setting yet the overall design is peaceful, calm.

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Ethereal is the right word. White shaping light to animate a simple sitting area embellished in greenery, at night emphasized by warm string lights, a beautiful place to seek calm, peace, refuge.

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Sunken between tress, flooded by color, a refuge area in the midst of greenery.

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Simple, beautiful and surreal sun-room, filled with greenery, colorful suspended elements, elegance at its best.

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Breakfast in nature, surrounded by color, by fluffy textures, an experience worth sharing with loved ones.

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Color and greenery nestling humans outdoors, splendid scenery.

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Outdoor hanging beds are a treat, embellished in greenery they`re a slice of heaven.

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Transform simple settings with greenery and vegetation.

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One might argue that painting a color over wooden textures would be a mistake in the realm of aesthetics yet it is what brings us joy that matters; it is what you cherish what you ought to pursue, shape your reality, live, love, learn, experience.

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A romantic setting can incorporate color, comfort and a delicate, sensible ambiance, here surprised by colorful suspended lampshades and textiles that invite one to sit down and relax.

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Nature, color, simplicity, the components of a relaxing atmosphere.

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One bench, the right textiles, candles and greenery, all in one place.

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Potted plants can make wonders in mineral settings too.

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The bohemian universe contains color, it encapsulates a joyful, positive state that can and will surprise, embrace it.

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Serve dinner sitting down in the right ambiance, here defined by colorful textiles, string lights and greenery.

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Seek calm in meditation, seek peace in outdoor tents, seek experiences in nature with loved ones.

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String lights, wooden textures, sensible cozy atmosphere, checked.

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Experience living outdoors, shape the beautiful, shape the colorful.

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Transform mundane elements by embracing nature, invite lovely colorful flowers simple lush succulents to shape your space.

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Wooden pallets will always have a place in bohemian and shabby chic settings, they`re natural, they have memory and they are imperfect which is basically the main attribute of coziness and warmth, imperfection ought to be something different, loved, cherished.

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Re-purpose old doors, create a different entry into your green sanctuary.

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Have fun in your household with epic instructions towards landmarks in your garden, create a little bit of something in each space, carefully designated with the little ones, it will be an unforgettable childhood memory that they will surely love, surely remember.

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Embrace imperfection and complement it with color.

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Find peace and calm in circular, colorful rug.

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It goes without saying that our curated bohemian garden designs are defined by color, greenery and naturalness, they describe an imperfect balance with which we often identify, it is therefore sufficient to embrace it to understand and absorb calm, peace and a deaf joy that we so desperately unknowingly pursue in our everyday life.

How do you see these ideas, how do you pursue calmness in your garden design? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.


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