Milan 2015: specially adapted cooking implements, hand-woven baskets and ceramic bowls slot into this wooden and metal box, created by Chinese designer Weiwei Wang to work as a portable tofu-making kit .

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

Weiwei Wang designed the Slow Tofu kit to introduce homemade tofu – soy-milk curd employed in many Asian cuisines – to western palettes.

Designed as the final project of her bachelor’s course at the Bauhaus University, the kit was presented at the Satellite exhibition for emerging designers at the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 14 to 19 April.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

Wang came up with the thought for the undertaking following noticing a developing curiosity in meat- and dairy-free of charge diets in western nations, and designed the set to introduce the concept of producing and consuming fresh tofu – rather than pre-prepared types – to newcomers.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

“Alongside the trend of vegetarianism and veganism, tofu is gaining increased attention in western countries,” mentioned Wang.

“Nevertheless, considering that it truly is nevertheless commonly considered as a substitute for meat and dairy goods and is typically purchased in bulk from the supermarket, most people miss out on its best state: whilst it is nonetheless fresh.”

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Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

Wang created a set of steel tools specially designed for cooking, pressing, cutting and consuming tofu.

One particular instrument shaped like a dentist’s mirror with a bent handle is used to press the tofu into a basket mould, while a wire-cutter is used to section the tofu cake and a narrow metal fork is utilized for serving.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

The metal utensils, the pair of woven baskets and the ceramic bowls used to form the tofu all pack down into a wooden box. A perforated steel lid for the box doubles as a preparation surface.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

The resources match into precisely shaped openings in the surface of the wooden half of the box, whilst a circular opening in the metal half is made to hold the saucepan employed to cook the ingredients.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

Soy milk mixed with a setting agent is warmed in the saucepan before getting poured into one of the baskets, which acts like a strain.

The disk-shaped utensil can be utilised to support press the curds towards the perforations in the woven bowl, allowing extra liquid to drain by means of its base and into the rows of small holes in the metal tray.

Slow Tofu by Weiwei Wang

After the liquid has drained away, an imprint of the handmade basket is left in the surface of the dome of fresh tofu.

“The hand-woven bamboo equipment for moulding tofu are creations of cooperating with rural Chinese artisans,” explained Wang.

“As a result, the tofu made out of people resources conveys a clear quality of craft, supporting the hands-on tofu-creating expertise.”



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