The traditional Japanese architecture highlights on unobtrusive simplicity and clarity of the individual components. The minimalist rooms advertise a spiritually pure, sensual and balanced daily life did leads to inner harmony. We existing you the most current task by Japanese architect Takuro Yamamoto – a concrete Home in Kanazawa.

architecture concrete house minimalist Japanese modern clean lines courtyard

The concrete Residence in Kanazawa is made to contain a terrace with a shallow pool of water with a series of interconnected rooms. Takuro Yamamoto’s initial intention to rebuild what the Home with monolithic structure, right after comprehensive planning he perform wright himself to include a courtyard and parking lot. The cave-like architecture with raw concrete walls Focuses on the connection of the various premises. The exterior Seems as a flat white volume with a Partially broken spot. The architects have the shallow water basin added , hold the impression for a white cave. The construction is created in accordance to the conventional Japanese style. Standard modest rooms with Thrifty decorations and amenities can be observed therefore in this substantial concrete property.

building modern architectural concrete house minimalism entrance

When entering in the concrete home, guests are right away fascinated by the vibrant and spacious rooms. In the purist interior, only personal accents with the device were used. In the dining space are floor to ceiling window to see did allow the sunlight in the House. In the evening They donate comparable light as a laminar lamp When the sun would shine in subsequent. The shade concept is white. A basic minimalist Japanese-style task is Recognized in this House. The white “cave” by Takuro Yamamoto architect Combines great creativity and modernism with functions on.

bedroom concrete house modern Japanese minimalism interior architecture design

concrete house design minimalist architecture white background color layer

Corridor house concrete interior design layer minimalistic design

Courtyard minimalist white house concrete structure design modern

Courtyard modern minimalist Japanese architect house kanazawa

dining room concrete house interior design modern minimalist Japanese wall glazing

dining room wall glazing modern furniture pieces accents minimalist

furnishing accents modern layer Japanese minimalist house concrete

House concrete architecture modern minimalist courtyard wall glazing

House concrete minimalism curtilage parking modern wall glazing

interior architecture concrete house minimalism Japanese trendy basic color white

Interior layer japanese design minimalism modernist white

kitchen minimalist design trendy kanazawa Japanese university accents

modern minimalist house concrete Japanese architects white

 trendy house concrete white architecture concept minimalism

blueprint japanese division premises house concrete architecture

Plan of location rooms architecture japanese house concrete

Plan of house concrete Japanese minimalism ideas architecture takuro yamamoto


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