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Concrete is not possible to imagine contemporary architecture. He is not only a building material of cement, water and sand, but a substantial-high quality manufactured item, which are also sculptural form can be and we are fascinated with new, better properties. The natural, rough visual appeal of the concrete is mentioned to more and more in modern day apartments, what makes present day concrete tiles to a well-known layout element. Nowadays we present you a little assortment of concrete tiles for Interior and exterior, which underline not only the vitality of the creating materials, but make also a imaginative statement by means of eye-catching 3D results.

Concrete tile bathroom wall 3d PENTA FLORA

The concrete tiles “Penta” embody the enjoy of designer Cristina Vezzini for geometric shapes that can be found in nature. Its preisgekrönntes style was inspired by the stunning crystal and Minerall formations. The identify comes from the Greek and implies “Combination of five”.

Concrete tile Interior Floor tiles polished kitchen

The industrial designer Daniel Ogassian is the basic, organic shapes in the foreground. In its concrete tiles, five and hexagons kind a wonderful network of vertical and horizontal lines. The model Penta Flora is adorned with a beautiful flower decoration in addition. See all models from his breathtaking collection below!

Concrete tiles Bath Indoor Floor Tiles PENTA Daniel Ogassian

Noble, sustainably and symbolically, the concrete tiles by Hugo Bugg marked international water issues and existing a very good solution to the domestic water distribution for pastime gardeners. The stunning floors search like cracked soil and have the benefit that allow the water run via and dry a lot faster than conventional concrete slabs for garden and terrace.

Concrete tile bathroom 3d OPTIC HEX ELLIPTICAL

Concrete tile Interior ornaments MALIBU Daniel Ogassian

Concrete Tiles Bathroom 3d effect polished shower area

Concrete Tiles Bathroom 3D OPTIC 1 Daniel Ogassian wall-mounted faucet

Concrete Tiles Bathroom 3D Wall JAPANESE WEAVE Daniel Ogassian

Concrete Tiles Bathroom asymmetrical shape PENTA Daniel Ogassian

Concrete tiles Concrete Garden Kaza Hugo Bugg

concrete tiles concrete terrace Kaza Hugo Bugg

Concrete tiles inside wall 3d effect PENTA Daniel Ogassian

Concrete tiles inside wall 3d hexagonal mirror Combination

Concrete tiles inside wall 3d JAPANESE GEO Daniel Ogassian

Concrete tiles interior floor asymmetrical shape polished

Concrete tiles Terrace 3D Effects Dry soil

Concrete tiles Terrace 3D Wall floor lights KAZA CONCRETE CRISTINA Vezzini

Concrete tiles Terrace geometric floral wall

Concrete tiles Terrace Kaza concrete Hugo Bugg

Concrete tiles Terrace Malibu Walldesign LED Lighting

Concrete tiles terrace tiles Kaza concrete

Concrete tiles wall 3D OPTIC HEX ELLIPTICAL Daniel Ogassian

Concrete tiles wall inside TV Penta 3D effect

Fine concrete tile bathroom 3d design GEO WEAVE Daniel Ogassian

Outdoor concrete tiles Interior Terrace PENTA Cristina Vezzini Kaza Concrete

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