Concrete House By Felipe Assadi Stretches Along The Rugged Chilean Coastline


This concrete residence by Santiago studio Felipe Assadi Architects extends across the craggy cliffs of the Los Vilos coastline in Chile’s Coquimbo area (+ slideshow).

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

The concrete block slopes down to follow the descent of the shoreline, with one end by a group of trees and the other in a rock garden populated with cacti and tiny pink flowering plants.

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

Assadi worked with Francisca Pulido and Alejandra Araya on Casa Bahía Azul, which also features a concrete painting studio submerged in the cliffside gardens.

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

“The residence in Bahía Azul is a stance in the direction of creating on a slope,” mentioned Assadi. “Or rather, it is the synthesis of such a stance, a pavilion that is slanted to consider in the slope of the hillside.”

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

“The house has two opposing readings: the interior, the place existence takes place in a more or significantly less conventional room, in which the views are organized by a series of openings on an external wall to the enclosure of the home.”

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

Window openings run level with the floors rather than following the diagonal course of the facade. They frame views of the South Pacific Ocean from an open-air viewing gallery, developed to offer residents protection from the sea breeze.

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

“The openings, from afar, get a distinct relevance than they would as mere windows,” stated Assadi.

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“They deform the object, turning it into a kind of damage, with out detail, add-ons or further developments following the preliminary synthesis.”

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

The split-degree living space to the rear is encased in glass and is dressed with Modernist furniture including an Eames Lounge Chair.

Lightwells, like individuals found in the owner’s subterranean art studio, are planted with tall grasses.

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

Felipe Assadi also worked with on Pulido and Araya on a zigzagging tennis court constructing for the site, while more south in the country’s rugged Patagonia area the architect made a group of timber lodges for nature lovers.

Bahia Azul by Felipe Assadi

Photography is by Fernando Alda. Much more photographs of this venture can be identified on Alda’s web site.

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