College students from the Cost-free University of Bolzano have created a assortment of substitute pencil sharpeners, with styles such as rings, a planing instrument and a sandpaper bra (+ slideshow).

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners

The task was the initial workshop in a 4-month-lengthy course on “design for schooling and knowledge sharing” at the Italian university’s artwork and design and style faculty.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners O by Caterina Nebl is a circle-shaped sharpener

The team of 20 designers was overseen by tutors Claudio Larcher, Eugenia Morpurgo and Alvise Mattozzi, who tasked the group with building “new gestures” for the stationery.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Finn Icky by Luca Mantenuto is a “kit to satisfy the most finicky users”

“We have been interested in getting the college students analyse and reinterpret the use and shapes of a standard, easy instrument with the aim of displaying them how even the modest modifications of an iconic solution can create new enriched expertise,” Larcher informed Dezeen.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Faces by Jessica Rosa is a wearable sharpener

“We invited them to reflect on the gesture of sharpening a pencil – an action that we frequently do without a lot pondering,” he extra.

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“We asked them how to reimagine this gesture with a new object, as a result not only redesigning the object but redesigning the behaviour.”

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Maria Girofletti’s pencil sharpener functions like a planing device

The college students responses range from straightforward redesigns of the sharpener – including a double-ended “snake” that needs end users to twist the two ends at the identical time – to a lot more unconventional shapes like a a dagger-type design that can be employed like a nail file.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Ich Bin Spitz Auf Dich by Isabella Sebald is a sandpaper bra that aims to transform the dull act of sharpening a pencil into something exciting

Among the far more uncommon creations is a bra covered in sandpaper that can sharpen writing implements, and a proposal for an edible carrot pencil that could be nibbled into form by a hamster.

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Luca Mantenuto created a assortment of wooden wands, shaped like paintbrushes, with a different sharpening component on the end of each.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Red Dagger by Marinetta Gorassini references a traditional nail file layout

Michela Franch developed pointed metal rings with created-in blades, although Barbara Rossaro opted for a more dramatic solution that calls for the customers to set light to the pencil to burn away extra wood.

La Matita Rossa pencil sharpeners Snake Sharpener by Susan Joy Guidi demands consumers to twist both ends

Students at the Holon Institute of Technologies have also redesigned traditional stationery, creating a assortment of alternative pencils that included versions shaped like a squeezable tube of paint and implements with serrated roller nibs.

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