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Case notes

Resources. Foami of the shade you decide on, Ribbon, sheets for notes, white glue, silicone, knife and a wooden board.
Actions. Cut the foami of approximately thirty cm broad by twenty prolonged, make a mark by half, i.e. to 15 cm, one side will be notes and other colours. For notes, minimize hours in the following measure 18 cm long by 13 cm broad, reduce the quantity of sheets you want and put them with each other, apply a layer of white glue on one particular end and permitted to dry, as a result you will have ready the notebook.
On the side that will be the colors, tends to make 3 brand names (lengthwise) a single to 6 cm, seven and last but not least to 8 cm, and reduce across with the aid of the cutter and charging you on the wooden table Will get the colors alternating so end, as soon as dry the booklet of notes and slat.

Case notes

Foami case

Materials. Foami and thread
Steps. Quick the foami twenty x 45 cm, get three marks the longest side, two to the 17.5 cm and the other to 10 cm and fold into thirds, with the thread and a needle sewing the ends of the first double (17.5 cm), to finish only the last component is folded to form the envelope, you can even put a picture of velcro so it closes.

foami case for colors

Desk pen

Obtaining a pen in our aerial perform is extremely necessary and helpful, because us less complicated to have every thing at hand, practically anywhere you can find pencil holder of different patterns, but this time we will give you some concepts to do them yourself.

Pencil holder with wooden brooches

Resources. Wooden brooches, colors, plastic vase paintings, glue.
Actions. The initial thing you have to do is to separate the snaps, getting rid of the metal rods, then painted colors and let dry, a single with the help of glue dry time witnessed by placing them around the jar alternating colours and as soon as dry is ready for use.

pencil-holders with hooks
Pencil holder with cans

Materials. Plate metal, 3 cans of canned, glue, paint in spray or paper to decorate.
Measures. Remove label cans and wash it with SOAP and water to take away some preserves and smell with the glue sets cans to the metal plate (you can exchange it with a cork message board), as soon as dried paint them or decorate them as you like, then set the plate to the wall and we ended up.

pencil-holders cans

Pencil holder with cassette

Components. Four caseettes, thick cardboard and silicone.
Actions. Cassettes by placing some glue on the side count this tape sticks and join them to kind a picture, prepared after you paste base with carton and ready is the pencil holder.

pencil-holders with cassettes

Pencil holder Organizer

Components. Cereal boxes, rolls of toilet paper, paper for decorating, wood, paint, glue, scissors and rule base.
Steps. Paint the wooden base of the shade you want and let it dry, whilst cutting the boxes of cereal from the measures that you want to get your organizer, make them in two sizes, a long shaped rectangles and other shorter square-shaped and decorated like the rolls of paper, once dry wood , paste all and ready!

organizer pencil-holders


A folder is essential for duties. Operate and other crucial papers whilst they mistreat, as a result right here is some concepts to create your folders with a really personal touch.
Paper portfolio

Components. Leaves on the size chart, colours, scissors, glue and Ribbon.
Measures. Draw the hands in the sheets of colours and cuts. Paste them into the envelope inserting colors, place the Ribbon about the envelope, get a reduce of 1 cm wide and passes the bar for the and finished.

paper portfolio

Folder with flower

Materials. Cardboard, sheets of colors, Ribbon, glue, scissors.
Steps. Draws and minimize a rectangle of 40 x 25 cm in cardboard and folded in half, in sheets of colors, draws flowers, lines and every little thing else you can believe of to decorate your folder, paste them to the base, like the bar and is ready.

folder with flower

Folder with clippings

Materials. Folder dimension letter, glue, decorative paper, magazines and scissors.
Actions. Minimize the paper and magazines, different geometric figures, paste them into the folder and finally gets to be a layer of adhesive on them so that they final significantly longer.

folders with cuts

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