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August 26, 2015   Area decor  

Back to school is really near, as each yr will begin a new school year and the excitement of new books, notebooks, colours and backpack is one thing that none can deny, therefore we give you some suggestions that you customize your equipment with these crafts.


If doubt notebooks are the most critical component, not only for the back to school but also for the entire school, make tiny feel attracted by the notebooks without having reaching the complete stage of distraction, positioned a drawing that has to do with the topic. If you’re not already so tiny but like you follow with your issues in purchase you can opt to be a collage of photos. Right here are some choices to make a handful of excellent notebooks.

notebook decorated with foami

Foami figures

Supplies. Figures of foami, smooth paper, plastic or liner, glue and labels.
Actions. Lined with a plain shade paper notebook, they normally request for a color particular college if not so pick your favorite shade. Area one particular or far more figures of foami in the front of the notebook, you can try out picture is relations with things that belongs to each notebook.
Location a label of with your data, if it is of a single colour of seem cleaner, lastly placed plastic or a lining.

collage notebook

Notebook with collage

Smooth Materiales.Papel, magazines, scissors, plastic liner and glue.

Methods. Lined notebook with a smooth paper of the shade of your choice. You can use newspaper to give texture. Search and cut out photos in magazines. You can also use your favored photographs.
Once you have lists the images or photos looking for the greatest purchase for your collage. See pasting photos in the guide and at the finish locations the plastic liner to avert your work of artwork to be abuse or DT.

Felt linings

Resources. Felt, buttons, scissors, thread, sewing machine and needle embroidery
Actions. Quick a rectangle of felt with two cm, which sufficiently prolonged to fold the sides inward. Minimize a modest rectangle for the porta pen and marks the place in which positioned them with a marker. On the reverse side seaming the porta pen.
Now in the component which would be the front of the liner Paste buttons forming a design that you like.Holding the side bent pins. Make confident that the measured nicely. Embroidering or sewing machine with zigzag stitch upper and decrease sides. Finally area the notebook inside the lining and ready.

notebook with felt lining


Pencils are an item that can not miss in any home. In the outlets we find pencils of all charges. The most affordable are the simplest and the most expensive are those who far more like the boys because they are ornaments of all sorts. Right here are some to make yours much more cute.

Pencil with feather

Components. Pencils, tape or Ribbon, pens and scissors.
Steps. Get a pencil and begins placing in a diagonal manner the masking tape or ribbon close to it, gradually decrease the masking tape or Ribbon winding all pencil until finally you reach the finish. Add a feather in paste-paste with sizzling silicone.

decorated with felt pens

Felt figurine

Resources. Pencils, felt, scissors, scorching silicone and cotton.
Measures. Cut tiny figurines of felt, even beam of every single figurine that cuts. As soon as lists figures collect them per pair and tape them more than the edge. Stuffed figures with cotton within, leaves a modest hole to insert the pencil. Enter the pencil via the hole in the figurine and paste so not receiving out.


In this new year college insurance coverage will want all organized, make lovely and sensible organizers will facilitate its use and will that everything is usually in place.

Desk box

Supplies. Wrapping paper, a square or box of shoes, rolls of paper, Ribbon, scissors and glue.
Methods. Line the box with gift wrap, vertically positioned rolls of paper inside the box and glue at the bottom. It is decorated with slat box. Place the pencil within each and every roll.

box decorated with scrolls

Organizer with cans

Materials. Empty cans, scissors, scorching silicone and decorated papers.
Measures. The very first thing you have to do is wash the cans, then if you choose you can paint cans, but the color of these is exceptional. Search for your paper and lower a rectangle of width and prolonged Tin (the length is defined by the circumference). Paste them quite properly in Tin with out leaving any room with air.
What you want to do now is go encimando cans, so that is a pyramid, though you can make any model that you think.

organizer with cans decorated

Jars decorated

Supplies. Empty jars, decorated paper and glue.
Methods. Washing the inside of the bottles nicely and dry them, sticks paper decorated on the within of the bottle to decorate. Area pens and colours within the jar, you will see how it is organized and quite.

jars decorated with paper


Insurance want to motivate your kids into reading through, is new year and with it new options to start off reading through, motivalos with these divisions of books that will make unique and enjoyable studying.

Clip strips

Components. Thin ribbons of various colors and textures, large colour Clips.
Methods. It will take a clip and begins to place a Ribbon on one finish. Repeat with the other strips right up until they have a considerable size. Take the slats and resistant knot, if you believe it is essential you can make a double knot.

clip strips

Pellón separator

Supplies. Pellón, organic rope, decorative figure, glue and punch.
Steps. Cut rectangle of pellon, size will go in accordance to your book, 1 of the severe beam a perforation appropriate on me half, passing the rope by means of the hole that you perforaste, knot, sticks the decorative figure in the bottom of the rectangle.

books separator Peyon

Ribbon separator

Supplies. Batten, hot silicone, figures and scissors.
Actions. Brief slat of the extent of your selection, tends to make the bar you choose width. Reduce out figures of paper, felt or even of acetate, can be circles, triangles or stars, sticks slat to the figure with the assist of silicone.

Book with separator

Boxes for colors

Anything that can not miss in college supplies is the renowned case for carry the colors, there are several on the market, but if you want to be authentic and use a situation produced for you, here are some choices, certain you’ll enjoy them.

Felt situation

Materials. A piece of felt 25 x forty cm, the color you want, a Ribbon of different shade of felt of 40 cm.a wooden table, ruler, pencil and cutter.
Steps. When we have felt felt the correct measurements, get a pencil and area it across the fabric, it measures the size of the pencils that you save and starts to mark 6 lines with a pencil and ruler. The initial seven cm of the longest edge with ten cm from the ends, the other 5 are separated by 2 cm which includes brands, reduce them with the cutter, leaning on the wooden table.
Side across the fabric, an estimated half of this and get a brand, minimize the Ribbon in portion I of 20 cm each and every and sew two strips in which you marked the half. Positioned the pencils of fashion that is alternate, roll the material and tie with Ribbon.

Felt case colors

Yellow situation

Resources. Two varieties of material of distinct colors (a single can be smooth and the other with some design and style), threads of colour of material or glue, Ribbon and a button.
Measures. Brief fabric that will be the principal part of the pen of forty cm wide by 35 in length, the following material that will be the interior of forty wide by 25 in length and sew or stick 1 to the other, the remaining ten cm of the primary material, flip the lining fabric to type a kind of envelope and stick or sew.
Divide the width of the pen Varas a centimeter marks and sew along (only the folded portion) and you need to be holes the place Iran pencils, at a single finish of the material, location a piece of Ribbon and side opposite of material measuring half and positioned the button, and go!

yellow pencil-holders

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