crochet ideas
crochet ideas

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Ultimate Upcycle crochet ideas

is your home looking tired and need of refreshment? Crochet is the perfect way to happiness to every room upcycle and bring! Try and catch Merion, as it saves spaces With Their hooks!


I blame the weather. The Sun streams in through the window in and makes everything else in my house can look tired and boring! I know this is not really the case, but it feels it – suddenly I too met with the urge Either create redecorate (Which I can not afford), or some beauty with my crochet hook! It does not cost anything in your hiding place to Wade and find thread did the sum drum are beautiful! Think of it as to exercise in creativity – find what can you turn


A quick glance at Pinterest (it’s always a “quick” look with Pinterest?) Sent me scurrying into my hiding place to see, what what buried beneath the surface. Scraps of cotton are always very useful for mounts: such as shown above did, and you can with a shot from the point or color!

Ultimate Upcycle crochet ideas

Flowers tired cushions can transform and I love Angie simple instructions for it, like a flower crochet – make in everything you’ve got, and sew into pretty cluster on pillows, bed linen and bags! The breathtaking “my mother Garden” cushion pictured above is etsy business based in Australia – at inspiring idea of the stock exchange and it is easy to create your own, similar look through many flowers and sewing them on in clusters to make crochet jar covers are perfect for so many rooms! We love this free pattern from LuluLoves


I love this glass cover LuluLoves – perfect for candles, so but for toothbrushes! Their bathroom is another room, All All which is a great candidate for crochet Upcycling – from a toothbrush glass like this, to some fabulous washcloth, as shown below, another a gorgeous trims about tired frame our brilliant crochet Club tutorials with the work! I love this idea – and it works best with finer frame: you disassemble the frame, stick over and over the frame until you a solid framework and SL St have to join. Add all the edges you want love (see Kate’s tutorial above for borders), adjust the depth of the frame. ! A free tutorial on the in addition to ilona blog will help you with the concept, and I love her frames under crochet is always beautiful graphics – why make a beautiful mandala? Angie’s round-up of free mandala pattern is full of inspiration and you can use your stash to make them! You can select Either a standard glass frame with mat, or sew / crochet your glue on a canvas!


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