30 Gorgeous Wallpapered Bathrooms

It has been quite recently that we’ve started to see wallpapered bathrooms come back in style. Somebody thought that the clean white tile that graces many bathrooms would look lovely against a patterned wall. And they were right. The trend has caught fire and now there are so many powder rooms as well as full baths that proudly display their pattern. It’s a simple way to make your bathroom look expensive without embarking on a massive renovation. Check out these three basic categories for the best wallpaper for your bathroom.

Nature Wallpaper

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Nature printed wallpaper is a very popular pick for bathrooms. Maybe it’s bouquets of flowers scrawling over the wall. Maybe it’s butterflies that look like they could flit out of the paper onto your hand. Maybe it’s whales swimming over the sink and around the tub. Nature printed wallpaper is an easy way to bring the outdoors into your bathroom without the fear of bugs and dirt. The best part, bathrooms are somewhat set apart in the decorating of your home so feel free to choose a wallpaper as bright and bold as you like.

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Patterned Wallpapers

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When in doubt, pick a pattern. Whether it’s chevron or stripes or ikat, patterns can be a “safe” and grown up wallpaper option. If you want a minimal bathroom, go for something that’s pale and not very noticeable. If you want a chic bathroom, incorporate a black pattern into your space. For the family friendly bathroom, you’ll want the bright pattern to match the bright towels. Basically, no matter what style you decorate in, there will be a wallpaper patter that you can use to make your bathroom a focal point in the house.

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Miscellaneous Wallpaper

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Miscellaneous wallpaper are the patterns that don’t really have a category. It’s the weird ones that you find while browsing online and then think you probably shouldn’t admit you like it. But you know that if you install banana wallpaper or library wallpaper or Tardis wallpaper, your bathroom is going to be the room you want to hang out in most. Just be sure that if you rent your home, it’s removable in case the next owners don’t like bananas. Other than that, if it strikes your fancy, go ahead and be bold! Make your house speak to your soul, even if that means theater wallpaper in the bathroom.



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