Living room picture wall

living room with beautiful gallery wall


cozy Scandinavian living room

Piano, Paolo Roversiand a vintage chair

white kitchen with patterned tiles

big kitchen, dining table and Thonet chairs

dining room with Thonet chairs and pop art

bedroom with vintage painting

bedroom with cozy little balcony

bedroom in a mirror

I thought to begin this publish with sending my deepest condolence to all of individuals out there who had been impacted by the horrible items took place in Paris final Friday, but then I began to think how to say that and recognized that as an alternative of the phrase “to all of those out there who have been affected” I should use “to all lovely people out there” because we are all affected, just some of us much far more closely than others… These are the moments that remind us the fragility of daily life and importance of living in the minute we have. Significance of showing enjoy and caring each time we have a opportunity, simply because only that way we can balance evilness and dislike that tries to raise its head more than peace and love…

As for the photos above, these are from a two area apartment sale on Swedish Entrance Makleri internet site. I was taken by the beautiful monochrome art wall in the living space exactly where photos, art prints and a big painting are mixed with each other to develop a focal level in the room.

// pictures from Entrance Makleri, photography by Jonas Berg //

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