Andrea Rekalidis' Ceramic Desk-tidies Take The Form Of Italian Landmarks


Maison&Objet 2014: designer Andrea Rekadlidis has created a set of white-glazed ceramic desk organisers based on the simplified outlines of five famous Italian monuments .

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

Italian designer Andrea Rekalidis’ Souvenirs Collection for design brand BOZU includes a pencil pot, magnetic paperclip holder and a pencil sharpener in the shape of popular tourist attractions from his home country.

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The items in the collection replicate the small models of landmarks usually brought home by tourists as momentos of travels, but are given a useful function.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

“In Italy and in the rest of the world it is easy to find small statues of the most known monuments, these souvenirs are useless, and quite ‘kitsch’,” Rekalidis told Dezeen.

“The goal of the project was to play with this situation by creating objects that pay homage to the most important Italian monuments, but also to give them an everyday use,” he added.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

Rekalidis pared down the complex forms of the monuments to produce simple outlines for his collection of glazed white ceramic desk-tidies.

“I wanted to simplify the forms as more as possible. I gave as put as little detail as possible into the geometries to let people think about what every piece is by a mental association – it’s possible to identify them, but not too easy,” said Rekalidis.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

“I think that white colour is perfect for showing the pure forms,” he added.

The ornate Milan Cathedral, one of the largest in the world, is reduced to two pieces of ceramic bonded together by a rubber band that secures pencils in notches around its perimeter to form its spires.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

“When they are placed within the corresponding slots, they mimic gothic spires,” said the designer.

A ceramic tube that tilts precariously to one side forms a pen pot made in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

The oculus in the domed roof of the Roman Pantheon forms an opening for a pencil sharpener, while the Colosseum’s elliptical outline can be used to hold elastic bands. Erasers and other small items of stationary can be wedged in a gap between the concave amphitheatre floor and curved wall.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

A spired paperweight represents the roof of the Mole Antonelliana, which houses the National Museum of Cinema in Turin. The weighted piece also has a magnetised surface to attract paperclips.

Souvenir Collection by Andrea Rekalidis

Rekalidis debuted Souvenirs Collection with BOZU at Maison&Objet in Paris earlier this year.



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