Ukrainian studio AKZ Architectura entirely covered the interior of this vegetarian cafe in Kiev with white tiles and set up a “jungle” in the toilets (+ slideshow).

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

Located on an outdated Kiev street populated with Soviet-era buildings, AKZ Architectura – founded by Artem Vakhrin and Katya Zuieva – hoped to make the restaurant a “vivid spot” in the spot.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

The created a predominantly vibrant white layout that would stand out when seen from the street through the cafe’s little black-framed window and glazed door, but hid a cluster of green plants in the bathroom.

“The idea was to develop a place that would display costumers the notion behind Orang+Utan bar,” mentioned the architects. “The city is a jungle and men and women who reside there are intelligent animals, they require a place to refill energy.”

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

White tiles had been utilized to the walls and ceilings employing dark-coloured grout, and metal cages had been suspended from the roof for storage.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

“The older audience can see Ukraine’s Soviet previous in this tiled design and style,” the architects told Dezeen. “The reason why it’s took place is easy: in the former USSR there was only one kind of tile for every little thing which includes hospitals, retailers and pools.”

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A single white table runs along the edge of the restaurant with tile-clad leg supports. It has adequate area to seat ten diners, with white metal-framed chairs. The name of the cafe is spelled out in white neon letters above the consuming spot.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

Behind the tile-clad counter, the cafe’s vegetarian menu has been utilized to the wall in daring black lettering.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

In the bathrooms, stainless-steel fixtures are paired with the tropical-searching plants and trees and displays of pink-painted fruits.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

“We created a green zone to make consumers come to feel like they are in a organic habitat,” explained the architects.

Orang Utan by AKZ Architectura

Barcelona studio Nábito also arranged white ceramic tiles in a grid-like pattern for the interior a children’s shoe shop, and Kengo Kuma similarly adopted the formation when creating a Milanese shoe retailer.

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