British designer Alexander Taylor has designed a specific-edition edition of German sports brand Adidas’ Superstar trainer, featuring a seamless upper produced from a single piece of leather (+ slideshow).

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

The project is the most recent in Adidas’ Futurecraft series, which aims to investigate new ideas for the future of sportswear by way of material and method innovation. Preceding outcomes have integrated a 3D-printed shoe sole that can be tailored to the exact contours of the wearer’s feet.

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

Taylor’s London studio, which previously produced a prototype shoe for the firm featuring an upper made from recycled ocean plastic, collaborated with footwear designer Joachim de Callatay on the Futurecraft Leather undertaking.

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

The designer has worked with Adidas as a advisor since 2008, when he was involved in the improvement of the Primeknit footwear for the 2012 London Olympics. His idea to make a shoe by milling leather has been in improvement for a long time.

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“This undertaking has been 18 months or two years in the making and when I initial started I was interested in hunting into the fusion of type and sport,” Taylor advised Dezeen. “The use of leather resonates with the heritage of the brand and we needed to see how we could innovate with this materials.”

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

The upper element of most sneakers comprises a number of pieces of leather or fabric fixed to the sole. But Taylor’s model is manufactured from a single sheet that is reduce and carved with a pattern, which permits it to fold into the needed shape.

“It fits in with the philosophy of efficiency and attempting to function with and manipulate a single piece of materials,” he stated. “By taking away the material you will not need and leaving the materials you require, it falls into the idea of making an attempt to uncover intelligent techniques of working with materials.”

Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

The pattern is produced making use of a laptop-controlled milling machine, capable of accurately removing a thin layer from the surface of the material. This provides rigidity and versatility in the appropriate places.

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“Joachim and I mentioned classic creating strategies and ways of removing the leather by means of skiving,” mentioned Taylor. “We identified that getting rid of materials from the surface of the shoe generates advantages since it becomes far more versatile and breathable and also lowers the want to construct up the materials to create support zones.”

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

The milling technique is a lot more conventionally employed in industrial manufacturing to generate parts from resources this kind of as metal, polymer or resin, but Taylor mentioned it was ideally suited to this method.

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

“It is a process that is presently frequently used in factories but we desired to discover a way to re-acceptable it for yet another goal,” the designer additional. “When you take a machine that is normally calibrated to cut particular supplies and then you inquire it to minimize various supplies you have to figure out how to do that by way of trial and error.”

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

Adidas claimed that the approach could enable shoes to be customized-made to person preferences by inputting the wearer’s biomechanic data – obtained by monitoring the physique whilst lively – and removing material to optimise help the place it is most essential.

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

“It enables a level of precision and control that could be of benefit to the wearer or athlete,” Taylor stated. “It also falls into the rhetoric of regional manufacturing and being ready to provide a much more bespoke service.”

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

“Simply because there’s no hefty tooling it truly is reasonably effortless to modify the pattern you’re cutting so you can envision how it could be customised for type or for performance,” he added.

The Superstar was utilised as the platform for the project because the design is 45 years old this year, but Taylor mentioned he is operating on applying the technique to some of the brand’s other versions. Forty-5 pairs of the specific edition Futurecraft Leather Superstars had been produced available at the Dover Street Marketplace stores in New York, London and Tokyo on seven November 2015.

Adidas Superstar trainer by Alexander Taylor

Earlier this yr, Adidas executive board member for worldwide brand names Eric Liedtke informed Dezeen that the brand aims to use style to challenge its arch-rival Nike as the dominant brand in the American market place.

Its other current innovations include a shoe that combines a knitted upper with a midsole created employing a plastic foam cushioning material.

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