Water and light-filled condoms that resemble oversized droplets hung in excess of the heads of visitors to this London installation by Spanish studio Luz Interruptus.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

The designers developed the Rain Interactive set up for the Waterman Arts Centre in Brentford, west of London.

“We needed to highlight the essential need of water and how abhorrent it is to privatise it and trade it for the profit of just a couple of,” explained the designers.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

To construct the piece, the team used 3,000 extra-huge and further-power condoms that were filled with blue-dyed water. A tiny autonomous light was added to every of the drops, allowing them to glow from inside.

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“We thought this was getting conceptually appropriate, as condoms are designed to protect in them the correct supply of life,” stated the designers, who previously floated hundreds of inflated and illuminated latex gloves on a French lake.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

The droplets were hung at various heights from a cube-shaped framework in the entrance of the arts centre.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

Staff of the centre, as nicely as guests of all ages, were offered the opportunity to assist Luz Interruptus by assisting to add raindrops to the set up.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

The designers compared the giant raindrops to “the form and touch of silicone breasts” and stated they had been “pleasant to touch and squeeze”.

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“One particular could dive in and caress the components even though listening to the gentle sound of the water as it moved,” they additional.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

The piece continues the studio’s work with light, which has seen them set up thousands of glowing books in Melbourne, and use plastic carrier bags as lamps that have been utilized to fill rubbish skips in Switzerland.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

In a more mischievous piece, the studio extra hundreds of illuminated silicone nipples to statues outdoors the Public Artwork Museum in Madrid.

Interactive rain by Luz Interruptus

The Rain Interactive piece was designed for the Waterman Arts Centre in London, as portion of the Totally Thames festival, and was on show from 18 to twenty September. 

Photography is by Lola Martínez.

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