13 diy whitewash furniture projects cover

Shabby chic décor is very common, its charm is just exceptional and several of us are trying to decorate in this fashion nowadays. Whitewashing is one particular of the ideal tips and techniques to give the surfaces an aged and rusty look, and you can whitewash nearly every little thing: bricks, wood, furnishings and add-ons. The technique is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any specific capabilities or expertise.

Nowadays we’ll have a look how to whitewash furnishings the greatest way, and here the thought is nearly the very same as with wooden walls. Clean the wood furnishings totally due to the fact in excess of the many years of use, wood can accumulate oils and a great deal of other things that are not conducive to painting. Consequently, you need to remove all of this ahead of you get began. Consider some white vinegar and use it to wipe down the wood with a rag. Completely take away the outdated finish that was on the wood by using sandpaper. After you sand down the wood, clean off the extra dust. Mix up the whitewash mixture. A standard mixture is a single part white latex paint and one particular element water but you can perform with it using far more paint or water. Take a paint brush or a roller and use it to paint the whitewash onto the wood surface. Apply it liberally and evenly more than the whole wood area. Once you have it covered, let it dry for 2 to 3 minutes. Wipe the surface of the wood with a rag. This will take away extra paint and will give it a truly special, whitewashed look. Voila! Now uncover far more particulars and ways to mix the paint in the tutorials beneath.

DIY distressed and whitewashed pallet coffee table

DIY distressed and whitewashed pallet coffee table (via lovestitched)

DIY whitewashed kitchen cabinets

DIY whitewashed kitchen cabinets (by means of hgtv)


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