Neglect uninteresting, unoriginal bookshelves. Here’s the Conceal or Umbra. An Invisible Bookshelf to your favored books in an authentic and humorous way.

effect of invisible bookshelf

Read a guide can are blessed. Make sure your bookshelf just as entertaining. Invisible shelves are a delight to the eye. With Umbra Conceal hide your ugly and Unnecessary frames. Thereby It seems like your book collection is a single with the wall. Humorous and unique.

The Umbra Conceal is available in various designs. Depending on the width of your books, you choose a Distinct format. Do not be concerned That invisible books shelves only a handful of books. The frames or Umbra are strong sufficient to have a number of kilograms of books enjoyable to wear.

Double invisible bookshelf

Your preferred novel stacking and storage in an authentic way, with the modest model of the Umbra Conceal. You can acquire distinct bookshelves randomly hang up side by side, for an additional nice impact.

floating shelves of umbra

The principle of the invisible guide shelf is straightforward and ingenious. The guide Maintains itself stuck to the wall shelf. As a outcome, the Board not only invisible, but you also want significantly less foods to materials. Two birds with 1 stone. He can simply 7kg carry books.

floating shelves Umbra

Are you a fan of photograph books? Or are you a student and are you searching for an authentic way to That bore readers and handbooks give a area? Go for the huge edition. He can simply up to 20 lbs. Simply because the books Seem to float Out of the blue a pack examine Appears much less uninteresting.

Invisible bookshelves umbra

Are you a genuine bookworm? Then go straight for the Double. Twice, for double the studying pleasure. The best gift for the guide lover in your circle of pals. He can be a whole lot of additional weight to.


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