Do you know what is patchwork? Most likely yes. For these who are not but utilizing this term, here is a quick explanation:

BGC D Bargellow Pilow Cover Pattern

The word comes from the English patch. This is a form of textile technologies. What is so particular about patchwork? It makes use of remnants of a variety of components, to produce something completely new.

Cushion bird patchwork purple and blue

The background of the quilt could be very fascinating for some. Look at this page and learn far more. Because we are huge supporters of patchwork, we have compiled a handful of extremely exciting examples of patchwork cushions and are now impatient to introduce you to the inspiring pictures. Get a look and get creative suggestions!

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McGrory Manda Patchwork Pillow

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Oriental Floral Cushion

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Super ideas for patchwork cushions

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