Bridge Residence is a composition of 4 cost-free-standing buildings linked by 3 glass bridges. The bridge kind is a device that allows the all-natural landscape and ground functions to flow right beneath the home, unimpeded. As the internet site slopes down, the shed roof slopes up framing the panoramic eastward view across Martis Valley to the Carson Range past, permitting ever altering skyscrapers as the sunset displays off the mountains. The house bridges in excess of the normal topography, instead of ploughing into it, enabling occupants to take pleasure in a direct connection with the organic flows and existence of the surrounding geography. The 48 foot broad Wonderful Area has glass doors that slide away to connect to an exterior deck of equal width, creating a single unified indoor-outside residing spot set substantial inside of the trees. Materials are picked for their sturdiness and appropriateness to the Sierra Nevada and the Lake Tahoe location.

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