As you know, the sauna is an important element of the Finnish way of existence and identity. Perhaps no other Finnish word is globe renowned. The typical area produced of wood has a helpful result on the human physique and soul. For optimum rest result at Style Studio Markunpoika has this exclusive log cabin sauna designed, All All which is uniquely various in look and interior design and style.

illuminated sauna interior flexible seats

Normally Finns go in the loved ones together in the sauna. The cozy wooden space with volume of 27 m3 gives sufficient space for the complete family members. The front is covered with glass – not closed can make the sauna, but Enables end users the search outwards to set. The block House sauna is produced with loving crafted and is a unique personal.

Natural light illuminates sauna intra Finnish design

The style Differs from the typical visual appeal of a Finnish log cabin sauna – the horizontal rods havebeen Replaced herewith vertically Organized wooden profiles with rectangular cross segment. The model is new, spacious and inviting and Supplies The Required peace and rest. The area is Sufficiently and evenly illuminated by normal lights did penetrates by means of the light openings in the roof within the sauna.

Sauna cabin wood design modern Finnish

The cubic wood room was comfortably decorated with exposed wood beams. The seating can voluntarily organize Themselves. Pebbles make the Visual transition to the outdoor area and Provide framework to the wall.

Modern sauna cabin glass front

Studio Markunpoika style Generates objects in limited editions, Which distinguish Themselves by Their simplicity and uniqueness. The sauna undertaking what Implemented collectively with Yuri Karinen.

Sauna design Finnish beamed pebbles

Studio Markunpoika blockhouse sauna vertically arranged wooden profiles


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