Photo essay: Istanbul-based mostly Yener Torun has created a photography series that offers an substitute see of historic Turkish cities, featuring present day buildings with graphic shapes and brilliant colours .

The photographer has spent the last 12 months utilizing Instagram to document architecture that features daring shapes, vibrant hues and patterned facades, both in Istanbul and other cities. He hopes to reveal that there is more to Turkey than opulent mosques and old streets.

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“I want to present what individuals normally do not see. Perhaps because of that, even extended-term residents are not able to think that most of my photographs have been taken in Istanbul. They provide an escape from the Orientalist perception of the city,” explains Torun.

In the final ten many years there has been an unbelievable development in building business in Istanbul. And sadly most of these mega tasks brought more difficulties than they solved. Alternatively of showing negative architecture I select to demonstrate some much less-ostentatious, modest, colourful, modest-scale treats. What I show is a silver lining to the negativity of this uncontrolled grey growth.

Yener Torun photographs vibrant Minimalist architecture in Turkey

I am a 32 yr-previous architect and have been residing in Istanbul for 14 many years. Inspired by other Instagrammers, primarily minimum photographers, I started photographing buildings nearly a 12 months in the past with Instagram.

Most of my early pics are colourful architectural information. Later on, I commenced to mix street photography with Minimalism and experimented with to build my own design. I started out looking for powerful shapes, and colourful or patterned facades. It is humorous, due to the fact my photos of Istanbul do not actually look like Istanbul. And that is what I specifically desired to do – to show a distinct side of the city, a side that was never centered on.

It is fascinating to come across colourful, present day lines amongst all these historic, sumptuous, ornate structures

Most of the Istanbul images men and women see are of the grand mosques, previous streets or other spots all around the Bosphorus, and I truly like these too. But these are not what I want to demonstrate. I want to display what men and women normally do not see. Perhaps due to the fact of that, even extended-phrase residents cannot think that most of my pictures have been taken in Istanbul. They supply an escape from the Orientalist perception of the city.

Yener Torun photographs vibrant Minimalist architecture in Turkey

Istanbul is exotic and modern at the very same time, and that helps make its atmosphere exclusive. It is a city of contrasts by all signifies. It really is fascinating to come across simple, modest, colourful and modern day lines amongst all these historic, sumptuous, ornate structures.

But of program it really is extremely uncommon to discover these buildings in historical areas. I pick shooting spots from the far more modern day elements of the city. I occasionally look for industrial buildings, colleges, malls, social housing towers and hotels. These sorts of buildings offer the geometry and colours I need.

Yener Torun photographs vibrant Minimalist architecture in Turkey

Even however my photographs are of many diverse colourful structures, Istanbul is not full of them. Really discovering these buildings is the hardest component. It truly is a vast city and the vast majority of it is grey. But I get pleasure from seeking for them. I dig every corner of the city – it is a variety of treasure hunt for me. When I discover the right spot I actually really feel the adrenaline working by means of my veins.

Istanbul is exotic and modern day at the same time

Bold use of colour in architecture genuinely fascinates me. These brilliant colours have a actually positive effect on me and I feel they have a comparable result on the individuals who see my images. It is another challenge to determine what to do with the spot I locate. I usually pay a visit to these shooting places much more than when to get what I want, or to see what more I can get. I occasionally get my friends with me as versions or I pay a visit to the identical spots at distinct instances in the very same day to see how the shadows change.

I strategy these colourful or patterned walls as if they had been canvases. Because of this, I in no way believe of my operate as architectural photography. I use architecture as a device for telling a story to display an emotion, a feeling.

Yener Torun photographs vibrant Minimalist architecture in Turkey

They are not just photos of buildings. The architectural aspects, colors, shapes, shadows, the human element, and some humour all connect to create a story – and generally a funny story. It is a story that will take place in a various globe. So I think the factors I display in my images are abstracted from actuality. I really feel like I find out a new globe anytime I find a new shooting area.

I also often check out other cities – like Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Kocaeli – to discover their hidden gems, and at times these cities surprise me even far more than Istanbul.



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