An remarkable family members house is located straight on the ocean coast in Carmel, California, and impresses with modern, sculptural architecture. The home building consists basically of glass and concrete, the rooms have a generous and brilliant visual appeal and a pleasant brightness within the complete home conjure. The facade of glass allows breathtaking vistas and views into the surrounding untouched nature, which can be viewed from each angle of see. The backyard fascinates with fantastic, geometric shapes and curved lines that gently pass into the roof building.

facade glass-concrete stair-outside-lighting-garden

In organic light, not only the plants bloom but we also humans. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the facade of glass allow pleasant brightness and effectively-currently being in each and every room. The transparent material provides the residence a extremely modern touch, whilst at the exact same time offering you the chance to enjoy the magnificent landscape panorama – the surroundings and the lovingly tended garden. Inside, a seamless, sweeping see of the coast, the ocean and the steep landscape opens up.

facade-glass-concrete-bathroom-transparent bath

The floor in the complete house is produced of polished concrete. The robust material harmonises wonderfully with the glass and steel elements, which can be witnessed within and outdoors the rooms. An sophisticated and modern day environment is produced, which properly complements the easy, easy furnishing. The areas and the furniture are completely aligned with the view and the gorgeous landscape.

So you can appear at nature from distinct angles and take pleasure in. The residing space, down to the ceiling and the floor, Seems to be fully transparent. Its contours dissolve completely into the azure ocean and surrounding lava stone. The variable walls underline the flexible and generous lifestyle of the residents.

facade-glass-concrete-dining-outlook-naturalfacade-glass-concrete-garden-gravel-architecturefacade-glass-concrete-garden-gravel-light-lightingfacade-glass-concrete-garden-gravel-nature-landscapefacade-glass-concrete-garden-outlook-naturalfacade-glass-concrete-glass wall-outlook-lightfacade-glass-concrete-glass wall-promising Landscapefacade-glass-concrete-glass wall-stair-glass railingfacade-glass-concrete-kitchen-modern-minimalistfacade-glass-concrete-light-bright-roomfacade-glass-concrete-light-glass wall-bedroomfacade-glass-concrete-sculptural-architectural-gardenfacade-glass-concrete-sculptural-modern-architecture



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