First, one must consider how the canopy attaches to the House or balcony. The most popular variant of the fastening is a terrace roof with part of closing on the house if there is solid masonry.

Canopy alu multi wall sheets opal

There will be the transmission from terrace roof on the House wall. The second type of Assembly did is used, is the free-standing structure. The canopy is free with this type of installation, so you can place them anywhere. HOWEVER, a Disadvantage is done rainwater between Pergola Could run roofing and the wall of the House. The third variant is the attachment directly to rafters and roof box. If the height of the roof box is too low, the so-called on-roof installation the occurs. It means that the frame elements are Positioned above in the slope of the roof.

Canopy alu red house


Now you can see the fixing forms are Usually used. For individual production, installation, and consulting, please click on the link.

Canopy aluminum pergola roof

The next point in designing a canopy is to choose the right roofing material. It is possible to insert the safety glass. Then needed to separate shading Because it might be too hot under the terrace roof. In the case of an awning is used under the terrace roof. Instead of safety glass sheets are used mostly, Opal. You afford a pleasant light under the roofing and beautify the entrance without Affecting the incidence of light.

Canopy awning

The last point in designing a canopy is the possible Further expansion with sliding doors. The openside of the canopy be closed may – in this way rain and wind will come in and you would enjoy nature out there more pleasant.

Canopy awning aluminum wall tiling

Canopy folding roof balcony pergola

Canopy folding roof sunshade

Canopy glass aluminium

Canopy glass aluminum shading

Canopy glass and garden pond

Canopy glass and wood garden furniture

Canopy glass garden walk garden garniture

Canopy glass Lawn Garden way

Canopy glass sunshade awning

Canopy glass timber gardening set

Canopy glass wall tiling aluminium

Canopy glass wall tiling glass

Canopy glass wall tiling

Canopy grill in garden

Canopy made of wood with wall tiling

Canopy of wood in the garden

Canopy pergola roof awning for winter garden with sliding doors

Canopy sunshade and garden seating in shadow

Canopy sunshade awning

Canopy with sliding aluminum cover

Canopy wood lawn

Canopy wood wall covering wood

Canopy wooden pergola roof glass wall tiling glass

Detached Terrassenüberdachun of wood and glass

Detached Terrassenüberdachun wood fireplace wall

Detached Terrassenüberdachun wood

Freestanding canopy aluminium facade

Freestanding canopy at the pool house

Freestanding canopy backyard

Freestanding canopy wood

Garden pergola roof terrace roof wood

garden terrace roof cottage

multiwall sheets canopy pergola roof opal

Summerhouse with glass canopy

Terrace canopy ALU Highline glass

wood Pergola terrace roof house modern




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