The way our kitchen/dining room is designed affects our mood and, according to some researchers, even the taste and quality of the food we cook. Today we won’t go into details of layout planning or functional zoning of kitchen spaces, but would better speak about kitchen wallpaper. Today’s market offers plenty of various coverings and we’d like to say a few words regarding this topic.


The best option for a kitchen in terms of both practical and aesthetical aspects is durable washable vinyl wallpaper. It consists of two layers – the bottom one is either paper or non-woven, and the top one is decorative and protective, made from PVC. Thanks to the presence of this solid upper layer, vinyl wallpaper offers the richest choice of patterns and embossments. However, you should note that this is not the safest choice in terms of eco-friendliness.


Non-woven wallpaper is produced from pressed cellulose fibers that can be embossed or decorated with some pattern and, as a rule, painted. The best thing about this type of wallpaper is that non-woven surfaces can “breathe”, and hence fungi or mold wouldn’t emerge under it.


Washable wallpaper is not some definite type of wallpaper material; it’s just a feature that a kitchen wall covering should normally have. Washable wallpaper can be just waterproof, i.e. it can be wiped with a soft damp cloth; washable – it can be wiped with a cloth or a sponge soaked in a slightly alkaline solution; super-washable – it can be washed with a soapy sponge; and finally super-washable and friction-proof – i.e. you can even use a brush to clean it.


As for wallpaper design themes, they are actually inexhaustible. Color, texture and pattern options are growing exponentially. However, there is a one win-win option: just imagine the thing that doesn’t irritate you at all in the world around you and find wallpaper with a pattern that would resemble this thing as much as possible.


Those of us who always try to follow the latest trends are perfectly aware of the fact that fashion is changing rapidly and some “evergreen” trend is very hard to find. Contemporary kitchen wallpaper that wouldn’t go out of fashion within the next couple of years is primarily high-end, practical and with a most neutral ornament.


In case you got puzzled and can’t figure out any definite motif that makes you tick, try to have a closer look at your kitchen interior in general. There must be some leitmotif and all you have to do is to find it to select an ideal wall covering.


Wall murals are the choice of boldest people. Of course, you’d better not have your heart set upon tropical landscapes, outer space motifs or images of foodstuffs photographed in high resolution. A stylish kitchen interior (with minimalist kitchen cabinets!) can be refreshed with a wall mural featuring some neutral painting, non-organic macro photography or versatile architectural motifs.

6-1-kitchen-wallpaper-wall-covering-ideas-in-interior-design-wall-mural-Indian-motifs-elephants-dining-room-arched-doorway-transom-crystal-chandelier-wooden-table-classical-style-chairs 6-2-kitchen-wallpaper-wall-covering-ideas-in-interior-design-classical-style-dining-room-blue-wall-mural-black-and-white-wooden-oval-dining-table-white-chairs

There is a widespread opinion that the presence of “tasty” colors that increase saliva production is a perfect option for kitchen interiors. In fact, this is only partially true. The “tasty” colors, like orange or yellow, are good, but only when they are found in small kitchen interior details. And when it comes to choosing the dominating wallpaper color, you’d better opt for more neutral and quiet color palette.




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