If you belong to the lucky owners of a garden, then certainly enjoy the coming summer and can hardly wait to move out life after. Whether’s it is, to a lovely reading corner on the terrace or rather gathering the whole family on the dining area outside and grills together, or friends and visitors in the comfortable lounge area – received the variants are simply endless. But make you feel truly at home, a shade is essential. We show you different possibilities for Adjustement with patio roof, awning, awning or roller blinds from renowned European manufacturers.

Aluminum factory covering modern sunscreen roof ideas

Today the garden owners between different variants can choose for Sun protection with terrace roof – enjoys great popularity the Markise-she claimed no floor space, is therefore extremely space-saving and perfect for small / narrow / terrace in the backyard. Who chooses can install taken basically by using a friend’s.

Aluminum awning ideas modern sunscreen roof


The second variant is the Pergola – she can be attached to a wall of the House and that’s why it can easily replace the awning. Also free-standing designs are available, if the terrace is not in the immediate vicinity of the building.

Detached sunscreen roof of awning ideas

Those who opt for an awning, which remains in the summer months very flexible – this shade is perfect for families with small children and pets.

Electric awnings, pergolas and awnings have several advantages compared to traditional versions – the one which becomes the optimal sunlight according to time of day regulated, on the other hand is by constant fabric tension keeps the corrugation. Is the system with sensors equipped, then the awning in strong winds is folded automatically. Pictured above – design weave from Tendaservice.

Blinds patio roof ideas modern sunscreen

Modern awning design sunscreen roof

modern patio roof steel Electronically Corradi

Modern Sunprotechtion roof of blinds ideas

Sunscreen awning awning swiveling roof

Sunscreen blinds patio roof shield modern House

Sunscreen blinds patio roof townhouse

Sunscreen house aluminum fabric covering roof

Sunscreen ideas awning roof of modern

Sunscreen metal Pergola patio roof frame

Sunscreen modern freestanding awning roof

Sunscreen modern wooden Pergola patio roof awning

Sunscreen Pergola patio roof of detached electronically gibus

Sunscreen Pergola patio roof wood white freistehendtendaservice

Sunscreen Pergola terrace covering modern manufactured wood

Sunscreen rollable roof of freestanding pergola aluminum material

Sunscreen roof aluminium Stoffhaus ideas

Sunscreen roof aluminum chairs terrace roof

Sunscreen roof awning metal construction

Sunscreen roof entrance pool

Sunscreen roof fabric white Weavetendaservice

Sunscreen roof freestanding Pergola

Sunscreen roof ideas modern wood

Sunscreen roof LED modern ideas

Sunscreen roof metal frame house aluminum material

Sunscreen roof metal freestanding awning

Sunscreen roof modern ideas

Sunscreen roof of awning strung examples

Sunscreen roof of blinds outside hedge plants

Sunscreen roof of fabric cover ideas

Sunscreen roof of glazing ideas

Sunscreen roof of ideas Awning white Frigerio

Sunscreen roof of modern lighting blinds

Sunscreen roof of rollable wooden pergola electronically

Sunscreen roof parasol modern stainless steel

Sunscreen roof Pergola freestanding lighting LED

Sunscreen roof Pergola glazed metal frame

Sunscreen roof Pergola House directly

Sunscreen roof practical design ideas

Sunscreen roof shades of windshield Pergola

Sunscreen roof tension fabric ideas

Sunscreen roof terracotta tiles ideas

Sunscreen roof wooden frame ideas

Sunscreen wooden Pergola patio roof frame

Sunshade awning patio red roof examples

Sunshade awning patio roof high large Flowerpot

Sunshade awning patio roof House privacy

Sunshade awning patio roof wall aluminum



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