A super-modest studio apartment

Studio apartments. Nowadays we invite you to take a super-modest studio apartment. It is a Department of few square meters in neutral tones Which are sent.

monkey picture plane

To start, as soon as we Entered, the entrance hall Welcomes us. A modest wall subsequent to the door and with the assist of only a handful of hooks on the wall gave life to a receiver offers everything you need That.

gral monkey photo

General see of the Studio. Here you can see as a massive window Assists the entrance of light and sensation of spatiality extended. Whilst the room is little, it is adequate to inform with a table, chairs, a bed, and numerous images!

monkey photo hall

The kitchen in turn, continuing the line from the rest of the Department. Is super basic and is based on neutral colors. In This case, charge is white. The bathroom, like the kitchen, is Armed with super-little factors and cleanliness . Undoubtedly, two excellent alternatives to make the most of little surfaces!

monkey photo kitchen

monkey photo bathroom


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