Dutch Design and style Week 2015: this “aesthetically pleasing” glass vibrator by Layout Academy Eindhoven graduate Bastiaan Buijs is powered by clockwork.

Buijs produced the Grandfather Clock dildo from a hand-blown glass vessel so the brass and metal mechanism that leads to it to vibrate is noticeable from the outdoors.

“Individuals use vibrators all more than the world but are most of the time they are ashamed about it,” Buijs advised Dezeen. “With this vibrator, that feeling disappears.”

“Lust is as normal as feeling hungry or thirsty, and the attributes individuals use to indulge it need to have not be hidden away,” he continued.


Blown glass was also utilised by Michael Reynolds and Jeff Zimmerman to generate a collection of “higher-fashion intercourse toys”, with integrated add-ons including horsehair tails and a candle holder.

Turning the wind-up key at the finish of Buijs’ toy permits the vibrating mechanism in its tip to move backwards and forwards at a quick tempo for four to 5 minutes.

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Buijs hopes to lessen the stigma of women’s self-pleasure by means of apparatus, utilizing luxurious supplies this kind of as ebony wood for the stopper to catch the eye of the opposite intercourse.

“Guys are looking at this sex toy with a various feeling, and pondering holy f*ck this seems to be great,” explained Buijs. “Grandfather Clock is meant to be on top of your evening dresser, not hidden away within it.”


Designed to be “super costly”, the dildo comes with a lifetime guarantee and is only obtainable for the “wealthy and popular” at present – despite the fact that Buijs is at present functioning on a less expensive model.

Czech designer Anna Maresova similarly aimed to tackle sex-toy stereotypes with her minimum-hunting selection of vibrators, whilst Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom produced a dildo with a compartment for storing the ashes of a deceased partner.

Grandfather Clock is currently on show at the Design and style Academy Eindhoven graduate exhibition, which runs from 17 to 25 October 2015 as part of Dutch Style Week.

Other tasks on demonstrate in the course of the event incorporate Pieke Bergmans irregularly-shaped neon lights, a “sport-associated” graduate vogue exhibition at Eindhoven football stadium and Bastiaan de Nennie’s hybrid virtual objects.



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