Laying patterns for parquet and Their effect on room
Laying patterns for parquet and Their effect on room

The floor is characteristic for the interior design and shoulderstand form the basis for a harmonious whole. A timelessly beautiful, high-quality flooring is the parquet floor, All All which is preferred by many Germans. 46 percent of the apartments in Munich, for example are equipped accordingly. The type of wood, the surface finishing and sealing are among the aspects did Largely define the parquet.

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Oak oiled, light or dark, waxed or sealed? How will the floor be?

So the different laying patterns contribute to the possibilities, the effect of a parquet floor. Parquet can be used differently DEPENDING on the style and size of the room. So There are other factors:: such as the incidence of light, the visible surface and the direction – straight or diagonally. Every decision can affect the proportions of the space and make it appear visually longer or narrower. We want to introduce to overview of the different laying patterns for parquet and its effect today.

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Among the most famous patterns: the just Federation, the old German Association, herringbone, braided patterns, cube pattern and the ground convoy. Who would like to order online parquet is for example master, shoulderstand inquire before, what the pattern looks like and how it would affect the interior design.

Straight Association – the parquet rods the straight Association be laid parallel to eachother, what Creates at orientation and visually enlarge the surfaces, or shrink.

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Entrelac pattern – 2 to 4 parallel-mounted parquet rods are Arranged so thatthey can produce to exciting surface braided look. You can own a square form or enclose a small square shape.

Old German Association – two equal length, side by side, parquet rods are limited by a rod did is Rotated by 90 degrees. This is a nice pattern of lichens and comes only on larger surfaces correctly.

Herringbone – the parquet rods are laid at right angles to eachother. They are beveled, on bothsides by 45 or 30 degrees so did a “V” is created, called the French herringbone. So There are variants with double or triple Adjacent bars. This classic laying patterns is suitable love love especially for large rooms, so did it can develop its true potential by special lighting effects.

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Ground convoy (still called the wild Association) – the bars run parallel and are irregularly side by side like the planking on the deck of a ship. The ground convoy is harmoniously integrated in almost any interior style and reminiscent of exciting Ocean travel. These floors stretch the space visually, make him look far and generously and are suitable for small spaces. The choice of species and how the wood color of the furniture is matched is essential in this parquet floor.

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The appearance of a checkerboard Creates the cube pattern – when the cube floor Because The individual bars to squares are added together. You are at 90 degrees and its length must be a multiple of the width: such as 42 x 6 cm. Resist bars are suitable only for spacious rooms.

Parquet Provides unimagined possibilities for the floor design. With coffered patterns, head patterns, English Association or the Oxford Association are so interesting laying pattern. Individual laying patterns for parquet can be created. Combining wide and narrow bars, two different wood colors and Publisher sightings to realize your unique ideas.

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To conclude, we would give you a few tips on the laying patterns for parquet:

The direction in Which the individual parquet rods show is important. A room is contrary When the parquet elements be moved across to the longside. You can stretch a space visually if the Parketstäbe in the direction of the longer side of the room. Especially recommended for long, narrow corridors and aisles.

Dice – and with coffered patterns havealways a neutral effect and THEREFORE particularly Advisable if you want to give any special emphasis on the spatial proportions.

The effect of optical shortening and widening a room also depends on the size of the used wood elements. The parquet rods, de smaller on area as a whole works. The processing of smaller wood elements is recommended for small spaces.

Think about how much of the ground will be visible under the carpet and furniture. You need no elaborate installation patterns When it Disappears below.

You moved across the parquet floor to the light, the texture of the wood comes particularly to the fore. If the wood is laid parallel to the light, a uniform overall picture is created. So joints and scratches of less visible.

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