Belgian architects Kersten Geers and David Van Severen have been announced as curators for the 25th edition of the Biennale Interieur, taking area in Kortrijk subsequent year.

The duo will produce “a strong architectural envelope” in and close to the Kortrijk Xpo venue in Belgium for the event in October 2016, functioning closely with artist Richard Venlet and graphic designer Joris Kritis.

Founded in 2002, Office KGDVS was awarded a silver lion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale, and the Belgian Prize of Architecture in 2013.

Kortrijk Xpo by Office KGDVS Kortrijk Xpo complicated

The practice has worked on residential projects, government buildings, pavilions and furniture. Tasks to date have integrated a new administrative capital of South Korea, a bridge in the centre of Ghent and a chamber of commerce in West Flanders.

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Kersten Geers, who is a founding member of architecture magazine San Rocco, at present teaches at the EPFL, Lausanne and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Van Severen is a guest tutor at Architecture College of Versailles and the Harvard Graduate School of Layout.

Kortrijk Xpo by Office KGDVS Kortrijk Xpo complex

Office KGDVS was also 1 of the studios concerned in the current transformation of the Kortrijk Xpo trade hall complex – the place Interieur has been held because 1968 – including a new hall and a white steel-covered walkway.

“We had the privilege to create additional on what already was an remarkable city within the city,” the pair mentioned of their operate.

Kortrijk Xpo by Office KGDVS Kortrijk Xpo complicated

“As practising architects they will enrich the Biennale with a vision that is rooted in the everyday practice of producing places we live and operate in, knowing the fundamental position of furnishings and interior style,” Lowie Vermeersch, president of the Biennale Interieur NPO said in a statement.

“With their intervention, the occasion Biennale Interieur promises to become a temporary ‘space’ in which participants, visitors, professionals, guest designers, objects and installations will connect and outcome in anything exclusive: a catalyst that contributes to a meaningful and successful long term in a changing social and financial actuality,” he additional.

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Workplace KGDVS plan to convert the exhibition halls into “a genuine style city”, producing a spot where the disciplines of furnishings, design and architecture can be united.

“Together we will make a tight staff sharing a fresh and radical vision on what furnishings, interiors and architecture represent these days,” the pair mentioned in a statement. “The 25th Biennale will be a fresh, sharp, pure urban celebration of the interior.”

Kortrijk Xpo by Office KGDVS Kortrijk Xpo complex

Dezeen spoke to Interieur president Lowie Vermeersch and curator Joseph Grima at the 2014 Biennale, to examine his “investigation-driven” method.

Coverage from 2014’s edition included geometric furnishings by French layout studio Pool, a sculptural light set up by British designer Ross Lovegrove and a dance overall performance from a troop of robotic vacuum cleaners.



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