News: as development of BIG’s Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant continues in Copenhagen, a video has surfaced showing a productive trial for the building’s smoke ring-blowing chimney (+ film).


Made by Bjarke Ingel’s company to exchange the forty-year-old Amagerforbraending facility, the combined energy plant and ski slope will create power by incinerating waste.

Associated story: Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant by Huge

To remind regional residents of their carbon footprint, the developing will emit a so-called smoke ring every time 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide has been launched into the ambiance. These rings – which will actually be vapour rather than smoke – will be expelled through a 124-metre-higher chimney at the peak of the roof.

Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant by BIG

The movie uploaded to Vimeo by Wired journalist Cliff Kuang demonstrates a trial that took area in August, in which a scaled-down prototype of the chimney demonstrates the process. After a cannon-like blast, the funnel emits a dense ring of vapour that floats up into the sky.

In accordance to Danish information internet site Ingeniøren, Massive has been functioning with Danish aerospace engineer Peter Madsen, co-founder of non-profit organisation Copenhagen Suborbitals, on the most recent prototype. Another major test was reportedly due to get area today in Refshaleøen, north-east Copenhagen.


The exhaust system was initially conceived in collaboration with German artist group Realities United, to serve as a visual reminder of the outcomes of countless consumption and waste.

The smokestack will use an elastic mechanism to release steam rings that measure 25 metres in diameter and three metres in height.


Each ring is expected to be noticeable for about 45 seconds, dependent on the conditions. People released at evening will be illuminated by lasers linked to a heat-sensitive monitoring method.

The Amager Bakke Waste-to-Vitality Plant is due to total in 2016. Speaking to Dezeen last summertime, Bjarke Ingels said the task will “transform people’s perceptions” about public utility buildings.


“Right now you can say it is a science-fiction concept to have a electrical power plant with smoke rings and ski slopes, but in three many years they will ski on their electrical power plants in Denmark,” he explained.

“It is going to be so clean that the smoke coming out of the chimney is completely non-toxic,” Ingels added. “The smoke coming out of the chimney is going to come out in the form of smoke rings so you can see how a lot carbon dioxide emission there is – to make the some thing uncountable countable.”

BIG-smoke-rings_dezeen_1 Diagram exhibiting how the smoke ring-blowing chimney will perform

Earlier these days Huge was also revealed to be working with Thomas Heatherwick on a new California headquarters for Google. Other latest projects unveiled by the firm contain a loop-shaped nation residence and a recycling facility inside of a guy-made hill.



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