Rooms in this Bangalore residence are arranged around a massive indoor pool that occupies a double-height atrium below a glazed roof .

Tyagis House by Tushar Vasudevan

Named following its owner, Tyagi’s Residence was developed by local architectural firm Ochre for a leafy plot inside the southern Indian city.

The interior is dominated by the mosaic-lined pool, which is ignored by internal balconies and surrounded by patches of lawn, gravel and stepping stone walkways that generate the appearance of an outdoor space.

Tyagis's House by Tushar Vasudevan

The property is divided into 3 parts: the 1st area at the north of the home contains a garage and a family members room over, while three bedrooms, a kitchen, study and servant’s quarters are contained in the southern bay.

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The pool and double-height living room is sandwiched in between the two at the centre of the property.

Tyagis's House by Tushar Vasudevan

Linear patterns of light and shadow designed by the glazed ceiling and the crevices among concrete slabs spread across the surface of the pool and white walls.

Duggan Morris created a similarly shadowy effect with the angular timber roofs of a school swimming pool, even though an Act_Romegialli-made pool property features textured cement walls reflected on the surface of the water.

Tyagis House by Tushar Vasudevan

“Light and shadow, each during the day and in the evening, type an integral portion of the design and style scheme and act as a dynamic relief on blank white walls,” mentioned studio founder Tushar Vasudevan.

Openings in the inner walls frame views of the pool. Their wooden frames are concealed behind concrete fascias to preserve the minimalist aesthetic.

Tyagis House by Tushar Vasudevan

“The fenestrations in the walls are made to improve views to the pool from all spaces in the residence,” said Vasudevan. “The water-body, reflecting the frames and light rays, tends to full them.”

“Daylight and water turn into a frequent thread tying the spaces, as the user perceives them continuously.”

Tyagis House by Tushar Vasudevan

The house’s facade comprises a “white matrix” of chunky reinforced-concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, and it sits against a backdrop of mature oak trees.

“Tall silver oaks set off this linear house, whose blank walls reciprocate as a palette for them,” mentioned Vasudevan. “Linear walls cutting across the internet site delineate luminous spaces doing work at distinct amounts with respect to the pool.”

Tyagis House by Tushar Vasudevan

“On the exterior, the home slowly melts away into a composition of vertical lines as 1 walks in the direction of it,” he additional.

Elsewhere in India, plans for a glass-bottomed swimming pool bridging a twelve-storey apartment complex have also been unveiled recently.

Tyagis House by Tushar VasudevanGround floor program Tyagis House by Tushar VasudevanVery first floor prepare Tyagis House by Tushar VasudevanTerrace floor prepare Tyagis House by Tushar VasudevanSegment one particular Tyagis House by Tushar VasudevanArea 1



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