Nendo Designs Cone-shaped Stackable Slippers


Prolific Japanese design studio Nendo has designed slippers shaped like wizard’s hats that can be stood up and stacked 1 on leading of an additional.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

The unusually shaped sneakers, which come in beige, grey, brown, pink or navy, lack classic fastenings and rather feature a basic circular opening for the wearer’s foot.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

The slippers have been developed to crease at the wearer’s instep, enabling them to keep on the feet with no the need for laces, or a heel covering.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

“It delivers a distinctive comfort to your feet unlike any shoes or slippers,” stated Nendo, who have made a dizzying array of goods including bags for architects, lights primarily based on the form of ice lollies, and Winnie-the-Pooh glassware.

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In an interview studio founder Oki Sato advised Dezeen he had “no idea” how they managed this kind of a large output, and compared himself to a spinning top in continual motion.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

Referred to as Triangle Roomshoes, the slipper are obtainable in both polyester or synthetic leather – supplies selected by the studio for “comfort and steadiness” – and taper to a somewhat rounded point at the toe. This indicates they can be be stood on one particular end like a wizard’s hat when not becoming worn, and stacked on top of one particular an additional for storage.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

Viewed from the side the footwear kinds a distinctive triangular shape, and has been especially made for wearing indoors according to Japanese customized, which calls for outside footwear to be taken off and replaced by home slippers.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

It truly is not Nendo’s first foray into the planet of footwear, possessing created shoes for Camper in 2014 that featured an unusual threading technique utilizing the laces to develop patterns across the outer surface of the shoe.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

The studio also collaborated with luxury brand Tod’s to style a boat shoe with a equivalent fastening to the string tie typically used on envelopes.

Triangular slippers by Nendo A concept sketch of Nendo’s Triangle Roomshoes

Other unusual footwear covered by Dezeen includes Royal University of Art graduate Ammo Liao’s 3D-knitted trainers, and shoes manufactured from disused components including tyres, burlap sacks and rope, by Ravensbourne university students.

Photography is by Akihiro Yoshida.



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