Solution layout firm Native Union has produced a charging dock for the Apple Observe that combines a block of marble with a rotating metal mounting arm (+ slideshow).

Dock by Native Union

The Apple View went on sale earlier this year, after getting unveiled in the tech company’s yearly keynote in 2014. Apple courted the design globe by presenting the watch at a pavilion in Milan during April’s style week, but it has had a mixed response from designers.

Native Union has now revisited an earlier design for its DOCK charging station for the view, replacing the weighted graphite and silicone base of the original with a chunk of solid black or white stone.

Dock by Native Union

The merchandise employs hand-polished marble to supply a assistance for a rotating aluminium arm around which the watch can be fastened.

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The materials were partly chosen for their weight, which assists avert the stand from toppling above when the watch’s touchscreen is employed.

Dock by Native Union

When mixed with the watch’s evening mode, the stand also functions as a bedside alarm clock.

“We constantly strive to apply the finest supplies to our merchandise, so it was a all-natural progression to create a luxury model of our existing DOCK for Apple View,” explained Native Union’s head of layout, Fabien Nauroy. “Not only is it an extremely functional charging dock, it also doubles up as a style statement for the property.”

Dock by Native Union

Marble has been in vogue amongst merchandise designers for a couple of years, as evidenced by the latest release of merchandise including Zaha Hadid’s vases and tables with pleated marble surfaces, a assortment of spherical candle holders that can be split in two and tables with mixed-and-matched marble tops.

The material was particularly prominent at last year’s Milan style week, in which designers which includes Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison created products for marble brand Marsotto Edizioni and Dutch duo Scholten &amp Baijings developed strong marble tables featuring surfaces engraved with linear patterns.

Dock by Native Union

Designer Bethan Gray advised Dezeen that the material’s recognition is down to the reality that “folks are ready to make investments in large-high quality normal supplies,” while London designer Lee Broom, who utilised marble to produce a assortment of lighting, claimed that “the emphasis has shifted from marble being a luxury materials to basically becoming a all-natural material.”

Dock by Native Union

DOCK’s aluminium arm is fixed to the marble block using a magnetic connection so no screws are required. The magnetic charging cable that comes with the view is fed into the brushed metal cylinder, with the circular induction charging stage slotting into a matching recess in which it snaps to the rear of the watch.

Dock by Native Union

The arm rotates so the watch’s display can be angled to make operation of apps easy while the gadget is charging. Turning the merchandise over modifications the side from which the rotating arm projects, which tends to make it comfortable for either left- or correct-handed users to interact with the display.

Dock by Native Union

Native Union has currently utilized marble in other accessories which includes a cover produced for Apple’s iPhone six and a stand that accompanies an extra-prolonged Apple Lightning charging cable.

“The DOCK for Apple View Marble Edition joins our highly anticipated Marble Assortment, which transforms real strong marble into charging accessories and situations,” additional the company’s cofounder John Brunner. “It is a unique line in our industry, providing a luxurious point of view on your everyday tech accessories.”

Dock by Native Union

The company previously collaborated with Hong Kong-based mostly British designer Michael Younger on a mobile telephone dock and portable handset aimed at reducing users’ publicity to hazardous radiation.

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A lot more marble styles:

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