This residence tour will have you packing your bags.  It is the house of Keld Mikkelson of Day Birger et Mikkelson and his wife Marianne Brandi.  In complete disclosure I’d never heard of them, but if their clothes and accessories line are like they are property, I am positive I’d be a fan.  The house is adorned in sleek blacks and pure whites, along with natural textures and aspects to reflect the beautiful island they reside on.

I collected these photographs from two different stories, which is why the pictures seem different and the rooms are sometimes styled differently.

What do you consider of the ladder as book show?

I truly like the geometric black and white rugs.  They work in any and every area in the residence.

The gallery wall assists make the space more inviting.

The ceiling is wonderful.

I love the black and white bedding also, and the nightstands.

Enjoy the bathroom! It truly is what drew me to the home.  That antique chest contrasting with the white tile is wonderful.

So jealous.


This home is gorgeous!

What do you feel?  Who needs to chip in with me and get a residence on St. Bart’s???
photographs by means of K &amp Co. and Live Journal


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