Thin wooden batons screen the glass facades of this new creating that architects Elmar Ludescher and Philip Lutz have additional to the 50-yr-old Högl winery in Reduced Austria .

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

The wine-tasting and manufacturing area completes the outline of a courtyard at the Högl complex, which is located at the outer western edge of Austria’s Wachau region – a UNESCO heritage area specialising in the manufacturing of dry white wines.

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

Ludescher and Lutz, both based in Bregenz, wanted the design and style to combine local craft traditions with contemporary varieties. The aim was to generate a constructing that is akin to the existing structures on the web site, but also visibly much more modern.

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They chose thick plaster for the walls, although the steeply pitched roof is covered in diagonally oriented tiles. Windows are covered with slender strips of white-washed timber, allowing light to filter in gently and permitting views of the nearby vineyards.

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

“The house is consciously looking for to integrate itself into the historically grown materials language of the Wachau,” explained the architects.

“Glass surfaces are shielded by tight and whitewashed wooden slats that show the unevenness of their growth,” they continued. “The roof is a modern edition of a traditional design that has deep roots within the region’s tradition, dating all the way back to the monarchy.”

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

The building has a 3-winged prepare, with several gabled finish walls. Located on the edge of a road, it stands alongside a row of present winery buildings to frame a courtyard and shield it from the street.

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

Visitors to the winery are welcomed by the timber-screened glass facade – the finish wall of one of the building’s 3 wings. This entrance prospects by means of to the timber-lined wine-tasting hall.

A smaller gated entrance at the opposite end of the courtyard leads by way of to the manufacturing facility.

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

The creating is the most current in a series of new visitor facilities for wineries around the world, as businesses capitalise on the reputation of wine tourism.

Architects such as Foster + Partners and Jean Nouvel have the two not too long ago extended estates in France, although new buildings have also been extra to the Cloudy Bay winery in New Zealand and the Bodegas Protos winery in Spain.

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz Architects

The Högl winery is ideal known for its Riesling and Veltliner wines, thanks the region’s awesome climate and fertile schist soil that allows the two grape vines and apricot trees to flourish.

“In its distant effect the project aims to integrate itself into the grown cultural landscape of the Wachau,” added Ludescher and Lutz.

“It only gets to be clear at a 2nd glance, that it is an alienated sculptural framework which displays the higher art of winemaking in an abstract type.”

Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz ArchitectsFloor plan Vineyard Högl by Ludescher-Lutz ArchitectsPart Dezeen


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